Why Steam Shower: A Practical Guide

The steam shower – a modern wellness-invention

Steam bath and shower in one? Yes, that goes with the correct steam shower! This modern invention has proved suitable and beneficial lately optimal and for this reason it is also fully in vogue. Because a steam shower provides for optimal relaxation and a decent dose of new energy every day. She will help you powerfully and refreshed to start, but also just as well completely relaxed and worry-free to go to bed in the day. By the way, the immune system is strengthened and can defy the whole year very confident any viruses and bacteria. The daily steam shower counteracts even the annoying cellulite. Just amazing!

Create a real wellness haven home!

When designing your personal wellness oasis in the bathrooms, you obviously need the right experts. Brand quality in this area, such as EAGO Germany, could be the solution there. The company is a market leader in steam showers and offers high-quality bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and fittings as well as saunas and outdoor hot tubs for a long time. Every steam shower of this manufacturer is not only with top quality, but also with easy, intuitive operation and elegant design feature you and convince. You need just no instructions – everything runs as from himself.

steam shower eago shower Temple whirlpool

There, beware! There not only in different shapes and sizes, but also very demanding in combination with integrated whirlpools are the steam showers. So definitely increases the relaxation effect of your steam shower and bathroom amenities provided.

Top quality pays!

Protection against running dry, steam generators, robust safety glass, overheating protection and automatic filling and emptying are just a few of the most important, essential aspects that make up a high-quality steam shower. You should be careful always when purchasing. It is therefore the right expert advice especially when placing an online order of fundamental importance. And although this is a not so small investment, you will never regret it with security. Unless top quality pays off as we know more. So, stay away from cheap steam shower variants and suspicious bargains!

steam shower healthy eago silver shower of wellness health

The proper care and cleaning of your steam shower

If you want to enjoy your oasis of wellbeing extended period of time, you should think long term and regularly clean the steam shower. For water hardness values prove special descaling products as essential, which are in most cases directly from the manufacturer. The shower tray, which is usually made of acrylic can be done quite quickly and clean easily with warm water and a mild detergent. Stronger abrasive cleaners are, however, not recommended, because it can scratch the surface of the shower tray and permanent damage.

Extra tip:

Depending on the cabin of your steam shower has less corners and edges, the easier it is cleaned also. Swinging doors are preferable to almost always the sliding doors if there is enough space available, because the door rails are not optimally to clean.

steam shower healthy eago black model


The ultimate luxury experience in the en suite bathroom with a maximum wellness effect is definitely: steam shower! This should be on quality brands make sure and get the right specialist advice. The reasonable, one-time investment will pay off in no doubt and you can start every day full of power and positive energy and go relax in the night’s sleep every night. A good steam shower will give you not only a 100% living being, but sustainably promote also your physical and mental health. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, aromatherapy also spoiling you, healthy back and lumbar massage, cleansing Detox effect and deep muscle relaxation get it up!

So you can look forward only to be called “Wimps”, isn’t it?

steam shower eago aromatherapy Lavender lemon essential oils

steam shower eago white duschkabinne silver