Wood In The Bathroom – Country House Style In The Bath For A Warm, Relaxing Atmosphere

wood bathroom accessories Pebble sink

The rustic bathrooms are really great!

Normally, such bathroom designs are very expensive. Because to make this bathroom furniture from driftwood instead of from MDF, they cost too much.

Rustic bathrooms are in the luxury residences, huts, eclectic villas and in various hotels all over the world to see. One of my favorite combinations is wood in the bathroom with modern bathroom furnishings like bathtubs or showers. Contemporary perfection created this institution, which satisfies all the senses.

If you think eco-friendly and green, such bathroom facilities are not the best solution for you. The good news is, the wood is a renewable resource, and if you regularly planted forests, there is no problem here at all.

Apply wood in the bathroom

wood bathroom accessories wearing chains

In the photo below you can find some really strange interior design ideas for rustic bathroom.

What can you find in a rustic bathroom?

accessories wood bathroom sink In the plate

The beams are an integral part – this creates strong connection between luxury and nature. The washbasins are another element, which you could pay special attention. The washing Cabinet is a different, very handy, practical piece, where you can keep towels and other bathroom utensils and protect from moisture.

Deal with professional designers with the lighting in the bathroom – a striking, impressive bath should be lit original and done by hanging lamps or built-in ceiling lighting.

Large, comfortable bathroom

wood furnishings lamps bathroom accessories

Wooden beams are here rural

bathroom accessories bath

Wealth of textures – mountain hut

accessories bath wood In the bathroom curtains

Designer sink with Cabinet wood

wood bathroom accessories flooring sink

Built-in bath wood finish

wood bathroom accessories wooden plates

Decent bathroom design rustic style bathroom accessories rustic toilet

Wash corner and bathroom furniture – traditional vision

wood rustic bathroom accessories mirror Dresser

Wall decoration with wood residues

wood rustic bathroom accessories sink window

Rough, rugged shapes and lines

wood bathroom accessories symmetry

Designer furnishings – American style

country house bathroom accessories carpet lighting

Traditional furnishing idea accessories cloth wood bathroom red

Country-style industrial notes

sconces bathroom accessories Wall lamps sink

Wood bathtub

wood panels bathroom accessories basin vascular

wood plate Wandgestlatung bathroom accessories wash Cabinet Compact and useful design