Feng Shui Bedroom Complete Figures

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors shapes wall

According to the Feng Shui rules, create a cozy bedroom

Healthy sleep is the best way that we can keep our health, beauty and good humor. The Feng Shui consultants dedicated to the bedroom attention. The soothing colors, mild light, soft bedding, the symmetry and the bedroom furniture have an important meaning for the entire atmosphere in the room. Here, we will show you some strategies that tend to move the energy in your bedroom .

Bright, use soothing colors

The experts recommend us to apply warm Earth and skin colors such as for example terracotta, copper, coral shades, creamy, peach and chocolate brown. Thanks to these nuances, you can create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. You give natural the room a pleasant, lively energy such as pastel blue, green, Lavandelfarben. The bright red and orange nuances is associated mostly with the male energy, therefore keeping it for stimulating and inspiring. If you apply this sparingly, the red and pink to bring romantic touch.

Carefully select the bed

Far away from the door of the room your bed should be placed rules according to the Feng Shui. This position gives a sense of safety, security and stability. Most of the time providing bed in the corner diagonally to the bedroom wall, so that it is not directly the door opposite.

Feng Shui bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors shapes bed

Other analogical strategies

Opt for a canopy over your bed, to protect themselves from “depressive energy”.The bed should be placed under the window – the symbolic support of the massive wall, what can actually interrupt your sleep, because the energy moves constantly in and out is missing here.The large head of the bed (especially of wood) provides extra natural support behind your head. On the other hand, to keep the massive bed frame for an obstacle that interferes with the development in life.

Under no circumstances, bed should be set so that your feet to the door are ready to when you sleep. Leave free space around the bed so that the energy moves freely in the room.

Colorful striped bedding

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors shapes colorful bedding

Better put on the curves as sharp on the edges

Select better bedroom furniture with rounded shapes. The furniture with sharp edges increase the feeling of annoyance and concern. Houseplants and soft home furnishings can soften the atmosphere. On the bedside table, keep only the most necessary items – the bedside lamps, a favorite book, flower pot, beautiful flower vase.

Natural colours and textures

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors design cool

Avoid the mess, clean up

According to Feng-Shui, the confusion and the chaos are a symbol of the unfinished work and an obstacle in life. Keep the room and the everyday objects properly, so that the room looks clean and organized.

The fewer, the better Feng-Shui is, therefore organize the closet also thematically. Throw away all the old, unnecessary clothes. Give a sense of control over life as a result!

Perfect position of the bed

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors design rules

Green colour scheme

Feng Shui bedroom complete color figurescoffee table before bed

Feng Shui bedroom colors shapes duvets

Fresh home textiles Feng Shui bedroom complete Colors figures fresh

Bright green

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors design green

High ceiling with wooden beams

bedroom complete Colors figures wood beams

Korallenfarbene silk linens

bedrooms complete Feng Shui colors design bright

Mintgruene Colour design

Feng Shui bedroom Colors figures Steuerwagen

Industrial lifestyle at the Feng Shui bedroom

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Asian ambience

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors design Orange

Girlish shades Feng Shui bedroom complete colors shapes pink

Dark, monochromatic colours

Feng Shui bedroom complete figures

Warm earth tones bedroom set up warm color figures

Feng Shui Setup

Feng Shui bedroom complete colors design warm

Pale pastel colors in grey

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