Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas – The Nuts And Bolts Of Bedroom Design

Today, our everyday lives are so dynamic and exhausting that everyone feels a bit tired or even exhausted at the end of their working day. One longs for peace and perfect relaxation at home. Therefore, the good night’s sleep is a must, so you fresh and charged with new energy in the next day starts. The décor of the bedroom and the relaxing ambience in this vital space play a crucial role in our night’s sleep and in our overall health. According to known Feng Shui experts, there are some setup mistakes that many people make when it comes to designing their bedroom. That’s why today we propose to present to you such Feng Shui bedroom ideas that will have a positive effect on you and guarantee you a good night’s sleep. These are generally formulated in this article and are intended primarily for beginners in the Feng Shui doctrine. However, even exquisite fans of Chinese life philosophy can benefit from it.

Use familiar Feng Shui rules to create a harmonious bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom hormonal design

Of course we are dealing with those that have become so famous in recent decades Feng Shui philosophy and how we can apply their principles to setting up your own bedroom. Anyone who is interested in this Eastern doctrine is exactly right here with us!

The well-known Chinese philosophy of life Feng Shui dictates the rules in life and spatial design

Feng Shui in the bedroom

What is meant by Feng Shui bedroom ideas?

Many modern bedroom ideas are based on the Chinese teaching Feng Shui. These two Chinese words actually mean”wind and water”and represent an ancient art of opposing objects. The Chinese believe that the goal of one’s life is to promote the flow of Chi (positive spiritual energy) and create a balanced and harmonious environment that promotes one’s health, increases personal well-being and brings good luck to the home. One of the ways to accomplish this is by properly placing items in your own home, including furniture. This Chinese art has become so widely accepted and fashionable that it is no longer thinkable of modern bedroom ideas.

The Chinese philosophy of life is hard to imagine in the modern bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

  • The correct placement of the furniture in the Feng Shui bedroom ideas

An entire house can be designed according to Feng Shui rules. But we all know it from our own experience, the peace is the basis for a healthy life and the bedroom is the best relax oasis at home. The Feng Shui experts agree that the bedroom is the most important space in every home. Therefore, they advise to start just with the establishment and design of their own four walls. The ambience in the bedroom is strongly influenced by the way the furniture is positioned there. Believe it or not, your overall health is affected by the energy flow in this room. Proper placement of furniture can make you feel calmer, think more positively, and better control your emotions.

The correct positioning of the furniture in the bedroom influences our feelings

Feng Shui furniture in the bedroom

  • Feng Shui bedroom ideas for the design of a harmonious ambience

Start with a look around in your room. The biggest mistake that people make in their bedroom furniture is not to leave room the same size on both sides of the bed. But this is especially important in the design of this room. Where exactly is your bed in the bedroom? Is it put on the wall? Is more space available on one side than on the other? Does the room feel a bit strange when you step back and look at it?

This is what the perfect Feng Shui bedroom looks like

Perfect Feng Shui bedroom rules

The uneven placement of objects on either side of the bed does not allow a steady flow of chi in the room and can lead to relationship problems as well as physical and mental health problems. When designing the room, make sure that there is equal free space on both sides of the bed. But make sure that there are also such furnishing elements that”ground”the energy. Two bedside tables, for example, do the trick, with two additional bedside lamps of the same size that provide soft lighting in the bedroom. And something important for the beginners in the Feng Shui Teaching. The experts recommend the use of round tables instead of square ones. The sharp edges on the rectangular table can stop the Chi energy,”cutting it off”. It does not let it flow unrestrained through the room and can disturb your perfect sleep and your inner peace. But you want to avoid that at all costs, right?

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas for balance and harmony in the room

Feng Shui bedroom ideas

Conclusion : These Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas provide balance in the design of a harmonious bedroom. You keep your energy centered and the balance in your relationship is maintained. Also read the continuation of this article where you will find the common ones Errors in the design of harmonious Feng Shui bedrooms , can learn and get practical tips for avoiding such mistakes.

If you have enough free space on either side of the bed, the chi energy can flow unrestrained through the room

Feng Shui bedroom furnishings

Her bedroom must be cozy and inviting, according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui bedroom cozy inviting

…. also radiate a lot of harmony and calm

Feng Shui bedroom ideas harmony

Follow our Feng Shui bedroom ideas and create the bedroom of your dreams!

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