18 Great Bedding Tips – Wonderful Suggestions For Your Bedroom

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great bedding tips tastefully combines turquoise and Brown

18 great bedding tips

Do you plan to renovate your bedroom soon? Start with the duvet cover or bed cover? Today we have 17 great options for modern bedding for you. Maybe you find including something what you do without.

Whether it’s the color or pattern, don’t forget that the home furnishings have a real influence on the design of the bedroom.

Bedding options

First, we have a set of nomad coverlet + Shams with an intense color selected. One side is in a gray tint with quilt elements. But the other side is pattern with a contrast as is shown below:

Grey bedding quilt style

great bedding tips nuances of grey quilted bedspread

Jadegrün is always special. So, if you want to present a color, then why not this? This jade bedding from Crate & barrel is 100% cotton. You have seams weave style that fit well together with printed textiles. Or you can combine it with a contrasting colour.

Jade bedding

great tips celadon pillowcases and bedspreads bedding

We must recognize the artistic style of this Gianna linens in Venetian blue by Z.Gallerie. The ruffles are a modern herringbone pattern. The 100% cotton fabric comfort is guaranteed.

Blue plush bedding

great bedding tips light blue plush bedding

Sometimes, you want to choose a cool color. For example, purple not only for children’s rooms is suitable. This set of Lacoste is also neat and athletic.

Purple bedding

great bedding tips dark purple color and white accents

Striped duvet cover

Nothing says other “Summer style” as the vertical and horizontal stripes, especially if white there is.

This set from West Elm has a real eclectic look thanks to the combination of narrow strip with geometric blocks.

Freshly striped bedding

great bedding tips black white striped

Do not dive striped duvet cover in Aquamarine in this Hampton? White with pool-blue are in a 100% cotton of refreshing combination.

In aqua and white striped bedding

great bedding tips striped in teal and white

Desert tones of yellow, sand and green are the colors in this set of crate & barrel. The different widths of the Strip make this reference so modern…

Yellow-green striped bedding

great bedding tips yellow-green striped bedspread and pillow

The next section is from PB teen, this Brooklyn but duvet cover is suitable for all ages. The power of the neutral Strip has become even more intense with the contrast between dark and light. Moreover, the horizontal stripes make this set contemporary look.

great bedding tips double duvet and pillows black grey striped

Patterned duvet cover

We come now to a collection of linens with patterns.

The set from Serena & Lily are inspired by the bird’s feather shape.

Modern bed linen from Serena & Lily

great bedding tips subtle border in dark blue

Another option for children with an adult stimulus is the purple duvet cover from Serena & Lily. Lavender folding are irresistible, the geometric shapes but are also attractive with coral accents.

Purple geometric duvet cover

great bedding tips geometric patterns in bright purple and pink

Are you ready for a vintage proposal? He comes from Art Deco style thanks to the rounded shapes, presented below. The Koralle-has an edge that ruled this reference with charm and bead set from Serena & Lily.

Modern Deco style duvet cover

great bedding tips Art Deco style in coral red

Scales to honeycomb – is nature a great source of inspiration, isn’t? This set of CB2 has a honeycomb pattern that runs vertically through the duvet cover. This selection is suitable for those, who want to have discreet pattern.

Grey geometric duvet cover

great bedding tips grey and dark brown very elegant

Interlocking shapes characterize the next duvet cover by Jonathan Adler. On the white background, gray forms are mild.

Modern duvet cover by Jonathan Adler

great bedding tips duvet and pillows stylish patterned

For not so fine patterns get teen PB collection! We have a popular combination of Kelly Grün and white. The forms can be personalized.

Geometric duvet cover

great bedding tips geometrically patterned in white and grass green

Let’s go to a bright variation. The set of Jonathan Adler is in vivid orange diamond patterns. How awesome will it fit with the zig-zag set? The diamond motif is really good with the root-associated motto on the wall.

Diamond pattern duvet cover by Jonathan Adler

great bedding tips diamond pattern pink red

We remain on the Orange side in this set of CB2 by designer Noël Ashby. This energetic pattern is inspired by the droning noise of conversation.

Orange-white duvet cover

great bedding tips colorful orange white

Last, we want to focus our gaze on a duvet cover with Lavender border. This bedding from Crate & barrel blocks combined lines and zig-zag. As a result, we have no common pattern.

Modern Lavender duvet cover

great bedding tips modern and stylish Lavender

Any Variant did you well? Tell us about your popular duvet cover in a comment below…

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