22 Unusual Bed Ideas For Your Stylish Bedroom

fancy beds suspended floating bed double bed luxury design bedroom Soothingcompany

Fancy beds for a healthy night’s sleep with style

Are you looking for floating or hanging bed? Here are some ideas for you!

Are you looking for a suitable floating or suspended bed? Certainly can you aren’t handy then some inspiration and great ideas? Today, we have some interesting examples for you! We hope that they give a boost to your imagination.

A hanging or floating bed virtually only then makes sense if it steals the show in the room. So are our examples.

Fancy beds with modern design

fancy beds hanging bed modern design

Floating beds

We begin our presentation with floating beds. They immediately become the focal point in the room. They draw attention to themselves, Act somewhat edgy and thus lighten the mood at home.

The style is determined by the platform and the head Board. The design of floating beds are currently quite varied and original. This increases the chances that you find something that is especially suitable for you immensely.

Elegant double bed with Leather Headboard via modern Miami

fancy beds suspended floating bed double bed Bed frame glossy modern Miami

Let’s take the rural style as an example. A bed in such style is drawn from natural-looking wooden boards. From this the basis and the framework are created normally.

In turn, a floating bed with laminated and painted surfaces would be modern.

Particularly irritating – your floating Japanese-style dark wood bed

fancy beds suspended floating bed dark wooden Japanese style

Then there’s the padded versions. You have a classic and incredibly comfortable. Floating beds are also particularly suitable if you want to achieve a feminine-looking environment.

The leather are usually for the male style typical

Hanging beds

Hanging beds add a special lightness to the design as well as the floating. Take still more feeling of freedom with it. This is due to the association with the patio design, which immediately bring them into our consciousness.

We recommend you to try to achieve high contrast appearance in integrating hanging beds. Just you achieved a particularly refined, modern look in your environment.

This is currently one of the most popular approaches among modern designers. See for yourself, what you can achieve with hanging beds.

Evaluate it with the cool vintage style

fancy beds hanging bed ropes wood bed frame wooden box vintage nightstand

Different styles

The contrast, which you get in the atmosphere by hanging beds, comes naturally. It consists in the following: an element of outdoor furnishings is integrated into interior design. Harmonise the whole thing by trying to reach a stylistic match. This works fairly easily. If you are looking for long enough, you will surely find a hanging bed that inscribes itself stylistically well in your environment.

Hanging beds with four-poster bed made of transparent, white fabric

fancy beds hanging bed bed canopies Coffj

So an elegant bed design in white, please visit decorium.us

Sophisticated bed idea – welcome to the House of actor Vincent Karheiser

fancy beds hanging bed design actor Vincent Karheiser fancy beds hanging bed steel ropes

Industrial minimalism in the bedroom via ofdesign.net

Cool DIY idea for a nice slope bed in the garden

fancy beds suspended floating bed Lounger ropes DIY idea

Elegant, floating bed with masculine charisma

fancy beds suspended floating bed Masivholz bed frame coarse grain

High-shine Polish and chic Tierprints provide more comfort in the bedroom

fancy beds suspended floating bed Animalprint headboard dark wood bed frame

Modern bed design from light wood via decosee.com

fancy beds of floating bed modern design bedroom Decosee

The white Newport by Mazzali

fancy beds of floating bed white Mazzali design Newport

Refined double on examsuites.com

fancy beds suspended floating bed light wood bed frame of Examsuites

Warm and cuddly to sleep

fancy beds suspended floating bed wood headboard Sheepskin

Smart idea for your hanging double bed

fancy beds hanging bed metal ropes partition

Exotic flair in the bedroom

fancy beds hanging ropes wood panels

Floating beds in the children’s room

fancy beds nursery floating bed design

Minimalist bedroom in black and white

fancy beds bedroom floating bed black white

Sleek lines and high-quality textures

fancy beds of floating bed design light wood bedrooms