43 Cool Bedroom Color Palette Ideas – Make The Right Choice!

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cool Bedroom chic color palette combination blue yellow

Make cool bedroom color palette – the right choice!

We were always behind the position, the interiors of houses it’s right on the functionality and form. Areas of the home such as the kitchen and the bedroom are spaces where the need is obvious and essential for objectivity more than at all other points. New investigation into UK sleep patterns and bedroom has brought some interesting facts on the world. The shadow and nuances that exist in your bedroom, can indeed influence the quality and duration of your sleep.

Fresh aqua blue color scheme in the classic bedroom

cool bedroom colors turquoise wall mirror water

A study, which consisted of households 2000, showed that blue is the list at the top under the colors, ensuring a healthy and relaxing sleep.

Combine green with other vibrant colors

cool bedroom colors grass green wall vibrating shade

Elegant look – dark blue shades

cool bedroom color pallet grass green deep Blau Dunkel trendy interior

Butter yellow curtains and bed covers

cool bedroom color pallet butter yellow pale

Pale green motives and walls

beautiful bedroom colour palette modern floral pattern

Padded orange bed design

interesting bedroom color pallet nursery Orange

Lime ambience and nice floral pattern

modern bedroom color palette green cream relax

Orange and blue accents contrast to the White interior

beautiful bedroom colour palette Orange Blue accents

The next colors in the list are yellow and green. Surprisingly Brown and grey are at the bottom in the catalog of used colours, because they seem to convey a feeling of depression and twilight.

Can enter the blue!

To feel something “blue” is maybe not so schlimmt when it comes to spending more time in your bedroom. Blue and its nuances are the best colors for the bedroom, and are immediately behind pink in the competition. Blue and white is a great combination, also perfectly suited to the cool contemporary look.

Bright bedroom – flower pattern on the walls

cool bedroom color palette Blau Braun carpet

Elegant color scheme – blue nuances and classic Interior

cool bedroom colors Blue traditional schema

Modern bedroom – wood equipment

cool bedroom colors accents decorative elegant

Dark blue bed upholstery

cool bedroom color palette modern dark Blau Weiß

Blue duvets with Zebra patterns

cool bedroom color pallet Zebra blue texture

Elegant feminine bedroom – refined ambience

cool bedroom colors Blue interesting

Dark blue curtains and striped rug

cool bedroom colour palette neutral accents Interior attractive

Living joy sun-kissed

While blue can interact in several ways, and the zweifarbenen walls in blue just perfect fit to the bedroom, yellow is the color that you need to properly use. A study by Travelodge found that yellow is the second best color to blue, which ensures a good night’s sleep… Part of it is due to Merry and cheerful appeal of the color that seems to “wipe off all the worries of the hard working day”.

Butter yellow summer bedroom facilities

cool bedroom colors bright yellow appearance

cool bedroom colors yellow accents wall white linencool bedroom colors black

Neutral interiors “Sun-kissed” and bedroom with great yellow color range represent a pleasant and airy appeal. A particularly good choice for small and compact bedrooms is yellow, because it brings a feeling of Visual freshness. On the contrary, superabundant decoration in gold has harmful for good sleep proved.

Cute flower pattern – feminine features in the bedroom

bedroom color pallet yellow accent neutral whitecool bedroom colors yellow accent neutral whitecool bedroom colors yellow accent neutral whitecool bedroom colors inviting accents warmcool bedroom colors yellow flowers

Balanced green vibration

Green is a colour which is universally popular and associates in addition to the unique blue as one of the favorite colors of the leading designers. With green, which is an integral part of nature, we seem to feel much more comfortable and peaceful in his presence. That is also why, it is one of the three most commonly used colors in the modern bedroom. Lime green and lighter versions of Apflegrün, combined with white and yellow, are pretty popular forms. Fresh and vibrant, it’s still better to keep largely the darker versions of the Green away from the bedroom.

Minimalist furnished bedroom – fresh color palette of light and dark green nuances

cool bedroom color palette highlights green shadingcool bedroom color palette highlights Brown bed frameCool bedroom colors accents platform bedcool bedroom color scheme accent Brown bed framecool bedroom color palette highlights green wallcool bedroom colors accents green design


This is a colour palette, which might surprise some of us certainly. Bedroom with silver tones seem to be suitable for a relaxing NAP. Studies show that those sleeping rooms with Silver accents provided, a total of 7 hours and 33 minutes of sleep can enjoy.  Silver is although at the moment no popular color among apartment owners (especially if you compare it with the natural grey and Brown), but maybe it’s the time to consider this concept.

Fitted bedroom in shades of silver – very soothing

cool bedroom colors accents Grau Silbercool bedroom colors accents silver black

The silver fills the space with meaning, fascination and energy and this accent rich decor in this color seems to be motivating for more movement than others! Well, there’s still a color that moves more to weight loss!

Sparkling ambiance – luxurious bedroom

cool bedroom colors accents fabulous sparkling lightscool bedroom colors accents silver bright brightcool sleeping scheme color palette highlights silver grey combinedglossy black furniture chest of drawers Headboard Bed frame

The pleasure of the orange fresh

At the end of our list today is the lively and colourful orange. With decor and furniture, which increasingly are tinted in a contemporary style in this sparkling and original color, she moved the orange color to the popular positions with great haste. Orange, mixed with a bit of yellow and pure white is a style that fits perfectly to the modern bathroom. In addition, it comes that this color to the awakening of the spontaneity and sporting vibration moves. Orange provides pleasant and positive thoughts, which, in turn, cause a beautiful night’s sleep.

Classic Interior – traditional Ambinte

cool bedroom color scheme accent orange wallscool bedroom colors saturated Orange accents

While the study raises some interesting questions, especially in grey and brown colors for the bedroom, she also confirmed that Lila is too stimulating for the quiet room. Red and gold seem to fall into the same class. So, remember next time, if you new paint your room, colors that ease your mind. This is a perfect example of an aspect of Interior design, which goes far beyond the dimensions, that the eye sees.

Cosy stylish interior design in the bedroom

cool bedroom color palette highlights Orange blanketscool bedroom color scheme highlights Orange minimalistcool bedroom colors accents light gamescool bedroom colors accents wall tattoo patterncool bedroom colors accents surface

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