Bad Feng Shui Bedroom Destroyed Your Love Life

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bad Feng Shui bedroom tips bed Home Office

Bad Feng Shui bedroom destroyed the love life

As a Feng Shui consultant, I was in more than 500 bedrooms, only I would call some a good Feng Shui rooms, in most the vibrating Love River and the sexual energy was really needed. The bedroom tends to be, whereas it is actually the most important Feng Shui room one of the most neglected room in the House. Below is a Feng Shui quick guide, and we hope they never follow them.

The most important question: Do you use really Feng Shui to destroy your love life?Many answer spontaneously on this question, saying only: “How?”:

Chaotic desk – no code

bad Feng Shui bedroom wooden desk

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – first tip : create a home office in your bedroom. Be especially aware to all surfaces of papers, folders, sticky drawings there. If you have any old computer that no longer works, it is ideal to have him in the event that your work computer malfunctions and you can immediately use your old broken in your bedroom / Home Office.

Dirty, messy Feng Shui in the bedroom

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips clean up

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – second tip: bring the sports equipment. The sports equipment in your bedroom are certainly strengthen your love life.

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – third tip : do not forget the television. A large TV must be necessarily very close to your bed. Check the messages at least 30 minutes every night right before going to sleep.

Place the bed in the corner of the room

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips bed Teddy

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – fourth Tip: So they watch over your love life, make photos of all your friends and Familienmitgleder, ideally by several generations.

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – fifth tip: set all memorabilia from your ex boyfriends under the bed. Insert really close so that there is no free space including and then insert some.

Unsightly and dirty bedroom – bad Feng Shui

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips bed disorder

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – sixth tip : you paint the bedroom dark or with Splodges, be creative with your Halloween costume and accessories.Bad Bedroom Feng Shui – seventh tip: Bring all your dying plants, big and small, whether now in the shredded pots or previous yogurt cups.  Set the plants so the first being, what you see in the morning, and the last one – before you go to sleep.

No order and organisation on the desk in the bedroom

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips desk

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – eighth tip : forget the night tables and squeeze the bed in one of the corners. Place pillow gracefully a happy Winnie PAH on the bed. Place the cushion so that it faces the door, and greets you every time when you go in.

Ugly and uncomfortable acting bedroom design

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips bed corner

Bad Feng Shui bedroom – ninth tip : do not open the window and let suffuse no daylight into! Keep the energy as old as possible. At the end, but who says that your personal energy is connected with the ambient energy? Absolutely not.

Some mandarins are everything that will enhance your love life. Now, if you find the right place, she exhibit, will be her soul mate for you in no time. Seriously! Oh, really?

Chaotic and confused bad Feng Shui bedroom tips no order

Bright and comfortable, but messy and untidy

bad Feng Shui bedroom tips dirty

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