Bedroom Design For Small Spaces – 30 Installation Examples

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bedroom design ideas exclusive bedding and wall colors Setup examples

Bedroom design for small spaces

The bedroom designing small spaces is an already well examined environment for good design experts. There are some rules which you achieved consistently good results. Thanks to good knowledge about it you can also all alone a small bedroom design successfully. You also want to try it?

Installation examples for a successful Bedroom design

bedroom design bed linen and home textiles pastels

Small bedroom minimalist set up

Scandinavian design bedroom design interior design patterned pillow white duvet

The correct mass

The bedroom designing small spaces must be done with a few furniture. Always twice think about before you buy anything. The chest of drawers can be used as a side table. You need both. The mass of the pieces of furniture should be adapted to the size of the room.

Choose Compact bedroom furniture

bedroom design dotted wall bedspread minimalist pendant lamp light bulb

Decorative elements

You should follow the same principles in the selection of the decoration. Select some few pieces with a very prominent character. The rule of thumb here is: Dear a large object as a collection of many small. If you want to distribute but rather several pieces of decoration at home, you should create at best from a uniformly acting look.

Dear a large object as a collection of many small

bedroom design ideas grey wall mural

The wall color

White is the most appropriate wall color for bedroom design in small spaces. If you use this, you increase the space visually. So it is not boring, you can spice up the wall with great decorative or wall paintings. See theme, offering off white or other variations of the broken white. This option is also suitable if you are looking for an original and characterful wall decoration.

For those who like it colored, we recommend bright or pastel shades

bedroom design ideas bedroom furniture neutral colour

Soothing wall decoration in light blue

bedroom design ideas Blau accent wall paint

Indigenous people are opting for earthy shades of Brown

bedroom design ideas Brown accent wall paint

When you use the paint on the ceiling, provide a Visual continuity. This also ensures a harmonious and appealing appearance.

Wall and Dekenfarbe match

bedroom design bed black white carpet ceiling colour pattern

Achieve relaxing bedroom atmosphere by green wall color

bedroom design ideas green four-poster bed wall color

A red accent wall stands for passion and romance

bedroom design ideas wall color red hanging lamps

An accent wall

The accent wall could give more depth and character to the room. Delete this in a special shading or provide them with a great wallpaper.

Creative wall-design

bedroom design ideas colorful murals geometric pattern

As much free space can be in the middle of the room

In the bedroom design of small space you should aspire, to leave as much space in the middle. This free running surface is necessary to make you feel comfortable, convenient and unrestricted.

Less is more

bedroom design Wall lamp wood panel

Furniture or textiles in bright shades

As well as the walls, the furniture should be performed preferably in white or other light pastel shades. Alternatively, you can cover them with textiles in these shades. That would expand the space visually.

Home textiles in pastel colors

bedroom design ideas of wood side table wood shelf

The window design

It is important that you really darken the room. You achieve this by light-proof curtains. At the same time, the selected textiles should work easily. This applies to the pattern on it, which should be as artful and elegant at the same time.

Desk at the window: how to find space for a small home office

bedroom design bed desk window light


The mirrors are almost mandatory in the Schlafzimmergestaltung of a small room. It is ideal, if the mirror opposite the window is positioned so, that the light is reflected therein and spreads out more.

Wall mirror in the bedroom

bedroom design ideas wall mirrors complete bedroom wood

Round seal serves as a wall decoration

designer bedroom bedroom design interior design ideas bedroomcomplete bedroom bedroom design ideas

Sliding door

The sliding door is another idea which you could gain more space in the Schlafzimmergestaltung. However, you should note here that offers this slightly less privacy.

How do you like our ideas for the bedroom design? They conform to your idea of Interior in a small space and can be used it at home with you?

Combine matching Wall color and bed linen

bedroom design of decorating tips bedding patternbedroom design bed headboard DIY projects wall colorbedroom design pastel colors of minimalist bedScandinavian design Scandinavian bedroom designbedroom design furniture and accessories bright Farbnuncenpendants wooden bed green furniture bedroom designbedroom design ideas upholstered bed bed head grey wall mirrorbedroom design ideas beige accent wall bed rug redinterior design ideas bedroom design gray wall color yellow accentsbedroom design wall grey carpet

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