Bedroom Ideas In The Traditional Style – 15 Examples

bedroom ideas of traditional style wall cladding wood fireplace bed armchair

15 traditional bedroom with fireplace

You have lust today, together with our traditional bedroom ideas with fireplace to look at? All those who want to cannot be removed from the modern SetUp, will experience a great feeling of comfort as a result.

You will see how the comfortable feeling of well-known elegance in a traditional style is much comfortable with the addition of modern fireplaces. The combination of traditional furnishings and sophisticated character of modern innovations will surely amaze you.

The pictures, which you can see in a moment, imagine a collection of style with rustic, classic French charm. Great, or? As in all traditional areas here can actually with a classical approach go wrong.

Check our collection and see to how a fireplace can make a big difference.

Bedroom ideas in the traditional style – addicted to houses

bedroom ideas of traditional style chandelier wooden floor fireplace curtain ideas flower pattern

The French character in this traditional bedroom design provides a luxurious feel. The addition of the fireplace, makes the whole look more elegant and classic at the same time.

Bridgehempton estate

bedroom ideas of traditional style stone wall fireplace runner

Who would not like to spend a peaceful night next to the fireplace? If you are looking for a romantic bedroom design, which includes fireplace and the right combination of textures and patterns, this variant is probably right for you!

Solebury residence

bedroom ideas of traditional style wall panels upholstered armchair carpet

We love how this design here is carried out in a comfortable and safe way. The wooden cabinets to the hearth around represent a great solution for master bedroom.

162 white oak Canyon

bedroom ideas of traditional style stone wall fireplace wall colour brown wooden furniture

The rural textures, colors, patterns, and the additions to the fireplace provide a rugged, yet luxurious atmosphere in this traditional style of the bedrooms.

DeGraw & Riverdale architects

bedroom ideas classically cozy fireplace wall color pigeon blue window sill

The color palette, which you had brought to bear in this bedroom is cooling and soothing. Here we are experiencing a modest amount of geometric patterns and textures which make the bedroom more ravishing.

Essex fells home

bedroom ideas classic chandeliers fireplace wall color blue partition

This blue is such a wonderful beauty. It makes the bedroom graceful and inviting at the same time. You can see by the fireplace and that makes for a great effect: you can comfortably at night and warm sitting next to the bed.

Traditional bedroom

bedroom ideas of traditional style of curtain ideas fireplace wall mirror

An ancient limestone coat gives this bedroom a luxurious character. He shows a high class.


bedroom ideas of traditional style wooden Fireplace stone wall color pastel yellow

This rural, traditional bedroom design is much sophisticated and inviting with this fireplace with the transparent grid.

Spring cleaning

bedroom ideas of traditional style curtain ideas yellow sofa wood floor fireplace

The painting over the fireplace provides a magical and serenes feeling in this traditional bedroom design.

Master bedroom

bedroom ideas classic plain fireplace wall color Mint green

The cool color of the room provides a relaxed atmosphere. The fire pit on the other side secures stylish glamour.

North Shore family home

bedroom ideas of traditional style wooden Interior wood floor fireplace

Wonderful colors brighten this traditional bedroom design. The painting on top knits together all the nuances in a great harmony.

Old world

bedroom ideas colonial fireplace beams chandelier wooden floor carpet

This luxurious, classic bedroom design is dramatic through the elegant casing of the fireplace.

Master bedroom

bedroom ideas of traditional style fireplace sconces curtain ideas

This traditional bedroom design is so feminine and mature. The exciting details of the fireplace and the soft color palette, which they used, are so great!

Nantucket summer house

bedroom ideas of traditional style upholstered furniture fireplace wall mirror

A stylish fire place can serve as a fine background as shown in this example here.

20 project

bedroom ideas of traditional style rustic wooden décor fireplace of Roman blinds

Simple and yet very chic at the same time. The simplicity of this traditional bedroom design is particularly warm and elegant thanks to the modern fireplace.

The diversity of traditional bedrooms with fireplaces design is really great to inspire you, in your personal space the fire place strategically to take advantage of. Remember before you install also, to think about the security. While you should consult also by experts. Do you set up because more convenient and more comfortable your bedroom with this modern facility?

Then, we wish you much fun and good luck!