Bedroom In Blue – 50 Blue Sleeping Areas, Sleeping And Recreation

Bedroom blue – inspiring ideas on how you set up a bedroom in blue

Are you just to redesign your bedroom? Have you read our article about a bedroom in grey then? Because today we continue with the interior design ideas for the bedroom. This time are our proposals in blue. Designed in this hue, the sleeping area is characterized significantly. Because blue is beautiful on the walls and blue accents make the bedroom look great. Blue is excellent also for the design of the Jungen-and youth room. Take some time and see our bedroom blue picture gallery. Maybe something you notice, what inspired you to create a beautiful interior design.

Bedroom blue – light blue and green plants create a fresh atmosphere

holtboden residential ideas bedroom walls light blue pendant

Bedroom Blue – Blue shades combine

living ideas bedroom walls light blue stripes carpet fresh

If you want to make your bedroom not in white, still want to create a peaceful atmosphere that is discreet and ensures a good night’s sleep, you have made the right choice with blue. Blue bedroom interior is unique, interesting and alive. Blue is considered a modern paint, which can have a dramatic, as well as fresh in its many nuances. Everything depends on the shade of blue you select. So in advance do think what you want to create a sense of space.

Dark blue, a male atmosphere is stylish and created

living ideas bedroom dark blue stripes bedding

Achieve dramatic look by blue walls

living ideas bedroom dark blue wall white carpet

The blue walls by red curtains beautifully put in scene

living ideas bedroom walls light blue red accents rug

Of course it rarely managed all the space in a single color. It combines with other shades also blue. Yellow and green one votes successfully this, quite cleverly combine Blue with Brown and white. If you want to properly recuperate in a simple and quiet bedroom set better no to intrusive accents, which irritate the senses. However, this is not a space where you can play with colors… A balanced interior design is here.

Yellow accents in the dark bedroom

bedroom blue dark blue wall color

Blue, yellow and white – this color combination is a beautiful bedroom

living ideas bedroom blue walls carpet wood furniture

Light blue and yellow are a lively mix of colour for the bedroom

blue living ideas bedroom carpet walls yellow accents

As you have convinced yourself, blue is not only a beautiful wall color for the bathroom. One associates this with water, but that does not prevent you to use blue when setting up your bedroom. On the contrary, blue fits beautifully anywhere in the modern bedroom. Through the matching blue shade, bring even a nautical flair into the Interior!

The blue walls with beautiful fabric patterns spice up

bedroom blue dark blue drop light/pendant beautiful swatch table

Refresh the blue bedroom walls with coloured wall decoration

bedroom blue bright curtains blue walls

The boys room in dark blue

bedroom blue youth room dark blue walls light beige carpet

Colored linens you bring vitality into the bedroom design

bedroom blue colored linen light blue walls wooden floor

Very simple combination of blue and white

living ideas bedroom blue accent wall white walls

Emphasize the light blue wall color with darker accents

bedroom blue accent wall Raffen blinds white carpet

bedroom Blue Blue carpet blue accent wall Raffen blinds

bedroom blue carpet blue curtain pattern white furniture

Blue Blue bedroom walls roof sloping Brown furniture

bedroom blue walls open Wall shelves beige carpet

bedroom blue dark blue walls more elegant stripes rug

bedroom blue dark blue white carpet, walls wood furniture

bedroom blue dark accents window sill wood floor

pattern bedroom blue fresh white curtains

bedroom blue fresh look bedroom set

bedroom blue light blue beige carpet the walls white furniture

room blue light blue walls crisp

bedroom walls blue bright fresh curtains bed storage

bedroom blue gingham pattern rustic bedroom bench cushion

bedroom blue contemporary lighting plant

bedroom blue carpet accent dark floor wall

bedroom bed blue white stripe rug blue shades

living ideas bedroom accents bright dark blue carpet bed canopies

bedrooms colored carpet blue lights

bedroom blue beautiful chandelier lights

living ideas bedroom blue accent beautiful flooring wall dekokissen

living ideas bedroom bright stripes floor tiles windowsill

living ideas bedroom blue linen white walls brighter carpet

living ideas bedroom blue walls hide carpet white bed

living ideas bedroom blue walls hardwood floors plant Raffen Rollo

living ideas bedroom blue walls orange accents more stylish carpet

blue living ideas bedroom carpet walls red accents

living ideas bedroom blue walls wanddeko fabric pattern plant

living ideas bedroom blue walls white furniture fur carpet

blue living ideas bedroom white carpet walls white curtains

living ideas bedroom blue wall color red carpet grey bed

living ideas bedroom walls dark blue stripes carpet male

living ideas bedroom eleganate wall paint wooden rustic side table

living ideas bedroom walls light blue floral pattern bedding

living ideas bedroom white light blue wall color white carpet furniture

living ideas bedroom chest of drawers cooler Chair

living ideas bedroom stylish wall color floral pattern bedroom Bank

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