Bedroom In The Attic With Large Dressing Room

bedrooms in the attic inside insight

Bedroom in the attic – practical and comfortable

A very useful idea to turn the Loft into bedroom is enough for a cozy bedroom with dressing room, because the attic is usually not too big, but. Here is an existing example, as it has in fact been implemented.

The dressing room and the bedroom are separated by partitions of each other, which consists of six thin doors. So that they are light and airy, they are in fact gates. They are discreet and very handy and you can hang your coat hangers on the grid. So that sunlight can penetrate in the dressing room, are all drawers and all equipment from Metalkonstuktionen.

Bedroom in the attic – save space and enjoy an unconventional atmosphere

bedrooms in the attic grille door dressing room

Interesting shelves metal

bedrooms in the attic of metal scaffolding drawers

In the comfortably furnished bedrooms enjoy the sunlight

attic dressing room bedroom stylish decor

Huge built-in wardrobes – style in white

attic bedroom elegant wardrobes fitted white

Green door refresh the ambience

attic bedroom with tasteful green accents

Solid wood wardrobe with large mirrors

attic bedroom elegant wardrobes wood

Wooden ceiling – interesting and noble

attic dressing room bedroom wooden ceiling

Bedroom in the attic – design

bedrooms in the attic architecture plan

The doorsof the room – design practical and space-saving

bedroom on the attic door design