Bedroom Trends 2016: Request Elements Combine With Current Trends

Bedroom trends 2016

Purely statistically spends people 24 years and four months of his life in the bedroom – and that only to sleep. In addition come the many hours, in which one Cuddles up cozy in his bed, read a good book or decides for an outfit before the mirror. A room where you spend so much time, deserves a premium look. The latest bedroom trends, this is easy to implement.

Colors: Rosé and light blue

Rosé and light blue are the trendy colors of the season. You radiate peace and serenity. Ideal to relax after a long day. As paint, carpet or in the decoration – these two sounds are in a modern bedroom not missing. Trend doesn’t mean that your individual taste must be subordinate. Combinations with other colors are always possible. A popular classic in the colour schemes of bedrooms is also white.

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Trend: mix of styles in the bedroom

Uniformity was yesterday. Today, materials, styles and shapes are mixed. An unconventional and individual look gives the room a personal touch. High end designer items can be combined ideally together with artefacts from the flea market – the right mix makes all the difference!

A good mix of styles of different elements is currently trend-equipped bedrooms.

Open closets

Open closets are a cool idea for neat freaks. Way with the ugly doors and into wall shelving and hanging rods. Clever organization systems make it very simple, practically keep garments and maintain order there. Constructions made of steel tube in combination with heavy wooden panels provide for a modern style.


Floor mats with integrated alarm clock, wall clocks with Internet streaming function, iOS-controlled roller shutters – the selection of cool gadgets for bedroom is large. And who wants to take his bedroom to a real oasis of well-being, which should not abandon support of the little helpers. Also, mood lights are a real highlight. You be reassuring and just very decorative look.

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Floor lamps

A sophisticated lighting concept does not stop at the bedroom. Bright ceiling lights are slightly snug. Flash light that illuminates the entire room, is inappropriate for a bedroom. Floor lamps can be put however specific lighting accents. Next to the bed or behind the dresser – skillfully placed lighting units and lamps in the bedroom mood and atmosphere create.

Carpet in the bedroom

The effect of floors is often underestimated. Out of sheer laziness, we tend to use something practical for the floor covering. Parquet and tiles are often preferred. Of course, they offer a clean finish and a clear look, such floors in the bedrooms are cozy but not often. The room can be transformed with a carpet. Mix of materials is also needed. Even multiple layers are a possibility. How about for example a sturdy straw carpet, on which lies a soft lambskin?

Blankets, pillows and co.

The colors are selected, which are laid the carpet wardrobe, a beautiful must integrate “finishing touch” into the bedroom design. Pillows and blankets are the best choice. You have multiple functions and allow an individual design. Providers such as La Redoute carry an extensive range of bedspreads, pillows, duvets and much more. Distributed in several layers on the bed, these details constitute a central focal point. In addition, high-quality versions improve sleeping comfort.

CONCLUSION: Trend and individual elements combine

Bedroom located in the ever-changing trends. For an individual style desired elements combined with modern trends. So, it becomes a space which invites you to relax and feel good. It works best with a versatile basic idea. Muted wall colors and simple pieces of furniture can be combined at any time in many cases. They are timeless elements in trendy furnished bedrooms.

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