Better Sleep-12-effective Strategies

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better sleeping bed design bedroom wood frame mattress

-12 effective tips to sleep better

Do you have problems with the night’s sleep? Continue reading the text on all aspects and learn the following 12 remarks to relax.

Take a bath

better sleeping bed design bath wood plate wall decoration

A great preparation for the night’s rest is the warming of the body and then gradual cooling. Light candles with essential oils, reading a book, drinking herbal tea and start with the relaxation.

Will be quiet

better sleeping bed design cozy living room built-in fire

Falling asleep is a process that begins hours before the “devoutly in the bed place”. Draw a cuddly Pajama after the bath and turn off your laptop, TV, cell phone and other devices. Let just a little light in the whole house – burning candles are a good nightly ritual – and talk, take the time for casual activities – reading or easy music listening.

According to buy the bed linen

better sleeping bed design organized linen closet clean

The bed linen is in direct contact with your body and can exercise critical to influence how you feel in the bed. Decide with whatever bedding you feel best and buy always such. Give full, if they are not already comfortable – dear two sets of bed linen of higher quality than a closet, the old, worn out sets with gritty pieces.

Make your bedroom a Schlafzufluchtsort

better sleep bedroom design idea playful cozy

Consider in the bedroom to let only the essentials. Take away the computer, the TV, and other devices. The artworks, pillows or decorations should give you peaceful, relaxing feelings. Check that the mattress, bed linen, blankets and pillows are comfortable enough and renovate everything that brings joy and not 100%.

Take a few minutes in the morning and clean up the bed and the room so that you come in at night in a clean and fresh room.

Keep a sleep plan

better sleep vase ceramic watch classic nightstand

Go to bed and get up at the same time always can help find its comfortable rhythm of your body. If you’ve gone to bed too late, try the time used to customize – with five minutes earlier every night to a meaningful time.

Plunder the fridge

better sleeping bed design fridge kitchen shelves

Late dinner can really interfere with falling asleep – but go hungry to bed is not much better. If you have real hunger, take a small snack. Only care that he caffeine and alcohol-free, since your sleep influences can be.

Try aromatherapy

better sleeping bed design bedroom wood frame mattress

Use essential oils in the bedroom, to promote relaxation. The lavender is known for its calming properties, but perhaps a different flavor you prefer. Drop a little oil in the bath before sleep or use a diffusion machine in the room. You can liquefy even essential oils in the water and with a spray the bed linens and pillows easily squirt bottle.

Read something

better sleeping blanket over glasses book bedroom

But not take something to read, that you can not put it to the side. Requesting subjects, what you are interested in and also concentration – non-fiction, philosophy, nature-themed or something inspirational. Maybe you’re almost slept in some pages.

It should be really dark

better sleeping bed design contemporary modern comfortable bed

Is it real dark in the bedroom with lights switched off? When pushing the street lighting through the curtains, you invest in Venetian blinds. Remove all flashing devices such as laptops and cell phones. Replace the watch with a simple clock that needs no light.

Sound check

better sleeping bed design wall tiling dark elegant

Some of us fall asleep with complete silence, others prefer music or other sounds. If you are not sure which type you are, you can experiment with sounds. Try earplugs, noise disturbance, or Air Purifier for a silent night. If you are the music, create a playlist sleeping for maximum one hour.

Fall asleep

better sleeping bed design table lamp white establishment headboard If there is too much thoughts in your head, take it in a diary. No matter how the text looks, you just write down your thoughts until you calm down.

Turn off the lights, lie down and focus on the next breath. You can continue to count your breaths, or focus on the relaxation of your body from head to toe.

Sleep again

better sleeping bed design duvet white double bed comfortable

If you wake up in the night, try exercises quickly back to sleep with breathing or relaxation. If it doesn’t work, read for a few minutes in another room. Or you continue in the diary. Not fully turn the light and try to go you back to bed in 10 minutes.

Tell us: you suffer from insomnia? What works for you? Share with your experience and notes in a comment below

better sleeping bed design bath wood plate wall decoration

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