Box-spring Beds In The Test – Is The Comfort Of Approaching

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box-spring beds In the test black leather design

Box-spring beds as innovative decisions for your bedroom

The box-spring bed, also Continentalbett or American bed is not a normal bed. It’s a smart, complex sleep system, where a suspension subframe designed the base. This frame is called Boxspring, which actually means “Box Springs” and describes its structure. Box-spring beds originally come from the United States and have today become synonymous with comfort and relaxing sleep. That’s why are box-spring beds in the test, they are an innovative experiment for the mass.

In the test – enjoy your peaceful sleep box-spring beds

box-spring beds In the test design ideas

In principle, this complete sleep system consists of a frame, which is made from solid wood and surrounds the suspension. The great comfort of American bed is created basically by the good suspension that adapts to the body, and due to their elasticity for loads. The top and bottom mattress unite to a vibrating element.

Luxury box-spring beds in the test

box-spring beds In the test setup ideas bedroom mattress

Take it as a challenge, to try out the test box-spring beds. In addition to their practical application you must judge their incomparable, great look. Usually, there are various possible setups of box-spring beds. At American box-spring beds for example the box-spring mattresses are often up to 30 cm thick, which means you can sleep directly on the mattress. Scandinavian boxspring beds on the contrary have a Topper can be applied again and again. Reference of the top mattress is adapted at Scandinavian box-spring beds the base, which is protected as a result. At the base, there are also more varieties. The Boxspring in size can be obtained by a single bed, but also by a double bed. In principle any type can be used as box-Spring mattress from mattress. You should tune the Underblanket only the selected mattress.

Modern bedroom design ideas with box-spring beds

box-spring beds In test grey bedroom modern

The box-spring bed Topper is often made of sheep’s wool or compressed bed Springs, but also made of latex and foam. The Topper is not a must, of course, but in the Scandinavian version of box-spring beds for more sleeping comfort. Look at the pictures and underestimate not the rest of your sleep.

Box-spring bed with motor adjustment

box-spring beds In the motor adjustment test

Box-spring bed in blue

box-spring bed in blue characters

Lush green with white linens

green box-spring beds of white bed linen interior design

Box-spring beds in the test

luxury box-spring beds In the test of leather

Design ideas with yellow and black

luxury bedroom box spring beds In the test yellow carpet

Stylish bedroom

modern box-spring beds In the test stool

Box-spring beds with unique design in purple

modern box-spring beds bedroom design

Leather design of box-spring beds

modern bedroom box spring beds test in beige

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