Colorful Great Bunk Beds For Children And Adults – Excellent Bedroom Facilities

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colorful great bunk beds grass green and white with poster

Colorful great bunk beds for children and adults

The Italian furniture maker Tumidei offers packing maximum functionality in small premises, light Schlafzimmereinrichtungen with bunk beds fitted with everything a child needs. These modern and often modular, compact all-in one interiors have hidden extra beds see platforms, superscript learning corners, and several storage facilities.

Available in actually all possible color compositions, which have bunk bed of bedroom sets from Tumidei for children and teenagers many pull-out components, the when not in use to save the valuable space. Beds disappear under raised platforms that take advantage of the room height to maximize the available space.

Warm shading gives more comfort

colorful great bunk beds in Orange and yellow warm and cozy

The wall clock as a feat and red accents

colorful great bunk beds with fire red accents

Many of these sets are ideally suited for brothers and sisters, who live in a room, because they provide separate space for each child, without damaging the look and the organization. Two twin beds are on the top of the cabinets, to keep away the clutter, the desks are shared and the stairs also serve as drawers.

More storage space under the bed in lemon yellow

colorful great bunk beds lemon yellow with plenty of storage space

Elegant, narrow stairs and bright colors

colorful great bunk beds design in bright colors

Tumidei are also manufacturers of furniture sets for adults. All submitted materials are environmentally friendly and meet the European requirements for lower formaldehyde and non-toxic paint. On their website you will find more space-saving ideas.

Sea Blue for two

colorful great bunk beds in ocean blue with dark accents and wall clock

Bright green and white – smooth exoticism

colorful great bunk beds of bright green nuances subtle furniture

Square, oval-shaped pattern in Orange and yellow

colorful great bunk beds yellow and orange square ornaments

Brown and pastelgr√ľne colors of nature

colorful great bunk beds dark shades of white walls

Camouflage colored wardrobe and shelves

colorful great bunk beds hearth, cream cupboards

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