Cozy Bedroom Design In The Attic Set – Trendy Ideas

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cozy bedroom design In the attic figures

Cozy bedroom set design in the attic – trendy ideas

Usually, bedroom on the upper floor are established so that we “aszendieren” to a peaceful place in the House, so rise up, if we want to throw us in the bed. Seems to have a friendly and isolated corner of sleep time unique, by far if she has special access and a unique room location. Most of us have loved tree houses and hammocks; even Harry Potter’s cupboard under the staircase might exert a certain attraction to many.

Now you have the chance to enjoy this fascinating room on the roof, which is interesting and sensitive experiences in Vista with Windows applied to heaven, concretely.

cozy bedroom design In the attic set up stairs

Indeed, it is so that for example in historic buildings unused angles and spaces may occur in homes with high ceilings or irregular form. The attics reveal as the fabulous result of such spatial constellations. Stalls of this type are suitable for those young and busy human types, which have not yet discovered the rest of the settled life and retreat to the bedroom only for necessary evening recreation, or because of the Privatraums offered by him.

Add more poetry, using a ladder to reach him, and everything is shipshape. And what do you say about the pole to the faster slide down? An exuberant joy for your inner child!

Often, it can prove that the attic at a two-story living room is connected. This is the elegant and impressive lofts from the movies are spacious enough to accommodate a bed King size, a trainer for the morning practice and maybe even a lounge chair – due to its special highlight of the flat screen.

Cosy atmosphere in the bedroom

cozy bedroom design In the attic set up modern

Eccentric and relaxing

cozy bedroom design In the attic set up leather chair

There are very modern structural solutions to get closer to the Loft concept, such as the popular “slope platform” from wooden to steel elements or even a situated capsule-type bedrooms. At first glance we us fall in love with such visually very impressive constructions, as much imagination has gone up in its design.

White equipment – fashionable and trendy designs

cozy bedroom design minimalist top-floor

Walls of glass give us the opportunity to delineate the bedroom furnished in an attic for more intimacy of the wide space of the living room, over which it hangs. Since sleeping is an activity, not a really big loss which don’t actually require the benefits of daylight, is the lack of many Windows. A small window that should generally be located in the vicinity of the bed, will be flow just the necessary quantity of sunlight, which can wake you up in the morning.

The sleeping area is directly above the kitchen

cozy bedroom design on the top floor dining room wood table

Striking pendants – urban home furnishings

cozy bedroom design on the top floor living room

Dark wood panels cover the walls

cozy bedroom design In the attic set dining room

Do not be afraid, to include structural elements in the composition. The facts show that particularly in the Attic rooms of older homes the installation of some beams and even the installation of ventilation shafts is inevitable. An alternative for you would be to dress up. However, the modern design in this respect on an eccentric eclecticism and a variety of options can be extremely proud.

All of these structural elements, which have found no place in the orderly and manicured world of classical design, but point out constructive skills and achievements of civilization, can be woven into modern designs as accents. It would be a certain mood require a “bend” our aesthetic understanding, but if this once and for all time is reached, the results can be quite extravagant.

And especially since many modern design schemes based on a high taking into account of the materiality, wood and steel can be integrated in a very nice manner in the considerate sophisticated loft room equipment.

Staircase separates the living room from the bedroom

comfortable bedroom design In the attic velvet blue

Bright playful atmosphere, colorful accents and details

cozy bedroom design In the Loft dining area Strip

Industrial bedroom design in the attic

cozy bedroom design In the attic set up industrial style

I spent a bit of time in tests, to understand what is it that fascinates us so in the Loft concept. It may be the fact that they are us fully at your disposal, because they mostly just “happen in space”. Design, furnish, and experience certainly deserves a challenge to be called something like a little house adventure. But I believe that what is their appeal to a large part, the spatial surprise should be in a corner to find graceful and inviting the Ersatunen in completely unexpected places.

Ceiling lighting over the bed corner in the attic

beautiful bedroom design In the attic staircase

Large apartment

cozy bedroom design In the attic set up wooden flooring

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