Design Bedroom – 20 Examples, How To Set Up An Exotic Bedroom

Design bedroom carrying an exotic track itself

The bedroom should be the general opinion, a quiet place, where falling asleep easily and quickly can be done. Maybe you encountered but a few bedroom designs, which have nothing to do with a relaxed atmosphere? It is probably due to the different gut feelings. Our photo gallery contains bedrooms, which have an exotic flair and relaxing effect on the senses, as well as the ambience lend a unique character. It may be that you some ideas for your own design bedroom collect. Have a look on it!

Bring tropical elements of Interior design bedroom – design

bedroom fashion floral pattern wallpaper beautiful headboard

Design bedroom with beautiful tropical motifs

bedroom design exotic elements wallpaper floral pattern rug

After a long and exhausting day, relaxing bedrooms represent a remarkable OASIS. Therefore you gives the bedroom a vast importance today. Certainly a larger than at that time, because today is the pursuit quality relaxation always bigger. The well-being and the beautiful look are key moments at the design bedroom. In the exotic bedroom also. How does one but the exotic look in the bedroom scene?

Elegant headboard rattan gives an additional box the exotic interior design style

living ideas bedroom bedroom bed rattan headboard dekokissen

Rattan furniture

It is not particularly difficult to bring an exotic touch to the bedroom. The rattan furniture are a good solution if you want to have more exotic in the sleeping area. They are easy to maintain and at the same time a fresh decision for the Interior.

Rattan bed and books

living ideas bedroom furniture rattan furniture bed wanddeko

Bed headboard give a natural and at the same time attractive look the bedroom rattan

design bedroom tropical style bettwasche headboard rattan pattern


Exotic landscapes represent an interest for all. Also, who lives in any exotic country, you can enjoy the beautiful exoticism of such. If you want to create a tropical sense of space in the bedroom, you should integrate design also plants in the bedroom.

By plants, a comfortable bedroom set

design bedroom tropical style wood furniture-green wall color

Cool wallpaper

You could bring an exotic bedroom design very easily achieved. It is enough to draw only a matching wallpaper into consideration. Floral motifs are announced… If you want a fresh look, you bring about easily this way.

The beautiful contrast between the wallpaper and carpet makes this great bedroom

bedroom fashion exotic flair white carpet beautiful wallpaper

Beautiful textiles

The beautiful textiles are an addition to the interior design, which appear much cozy the ambiance can be as other home accessories. With the matching patterns get nice results!

Combine fresh decoration and beautiful textiles

living ideas bedroom colored carpet runner cushion plant

Spice up the neutral interior with matching fabric patterns

bedroom tropical style fashion textiles pattern

Make a natural bedroom

design bedroom an exotic flair canopy wood flooring natural

Beautiful to bear bring the bright walls with orange accents

design bedroom an exotic flair orange accents

Fresh and appealing bedroom set

design bedroom exotic bedroom long gray curtains views

Beautiful leaf pattern in green

design bedroom tropical flowers green

The yellow walls emphasize plants

design bedroom tropical look plants pale yellow walls

Pale yellow walls and small sharp accents

design bedroom tropical style dekokissen canopy floor tiles

Get the sea mood in the bedroom

design bedroom tropical bedroom canopy

Feel the closeness to nature through a suitable interior design

bedrooms make an exotic flair areas secrete canopy

Wood as an accent in the bedroom design and stripes rug as decoration

bedroom tropical style fashion white stripes carpet bedding

Bring floral motifs on the wall

living ideas bedroom furnishings areas secrete beautiful accent wall

Blatant shades sent mix and create an exotic feeling of space

living ideas bedroom exotic Interior stark colors