Effective Feng Shui Bed Alignment – Right Direction Of Sleep

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Feng Shui bed orientation beige Strip headrest pillow

More Feng Shui tips for bed orientation – right direction of sleep

Question: My bed is me the bathroom door and opposite the toilet, give, please, any Feng Shui advice?I’ve heard that it’s really bad Feng Shui, that faces the bed in the bedroom, the bathroom door. My bed is also in a direct line with the toilet. I can feel that this is really bad Feng Shui , can you, please, help with this?

Elegant, comfortable Feng Shui bedroom – purple bedding

Feng Shui bed orientation purple bedding

Answer: It is important to know that difficult to set up bedroom is perfect Feng Shui. Perfect as much as anything, really… This is a good place to start to change the bedroom design from bad Feng Shui to a better Feng Shui.Yes, the bed should not align doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors or closet doors now being.First, consult the tips to the Feng Shui bed alignment. After you have done this, you concentrate on neutralising of possible, negative energy in the bathroom.

Basically, you want an invisible (or visible!) Create partition between the bathroom and the bedroom, and here are a few ideas on how you can do that with good Feng Shui in mind:Leave the bedroom and the bathroom door to almost all the time.  This is a simple advice that is often forgotten.

Purple sheets and walls in the bedroom – bright and cosy atmosphere

Feng Shui bed orientation purple white linen

Find a way to strengthen the bedroom door and to water down the bathroom door. You can do that with color, for example, do, or find your own way, clearly indicate which of the two doors is important and must attract more energy.If you choose a mirror on the bathroom door (a popular Feng Shui remedies for bathroom doors) to hang, you choose a small mirror. This is a good Feng Shui, facing a large mirror, right when you leave the room.

Gray, neutral textures, surfaces and colors in the bedroom – Feng Shui Setup

Feng Shui bed orientation plan velvet texture

Provide your bathroom and keep fresh, his energy i.e. use you creative candles, essential oil or Wannenleuchten.Seien and beautify this area.

You can also choose ‘to lay down the energy close to the toilet’, which can be done in many ways. For example can prepare a large bowl of river stones or crystals and they put on a little shelf over the toilet or tape on a larger shelf on the wall over the toilet.

If you want to make to the energy in your bathroom and create an effective, fine partition between the bathroom and the bedroom, we are sure that it one day will come if this potentially bad Feng Shui you will no longer worry energy.

Flash, warm shades in the bedroom – relaxing and joyful Feng Shui

Feng Shui bed orientation red yellow bedding

Body positions during sleep

Feng Shui bed orientation plan sleep

Plans, designs and concepts of bedroom design and bed orientation according to the Feng Shui rules

Feng Shui bed orientation plan design

Adverse and unfavourable bed orientation

Feng Shui bed orientation plan right idea

Bed orientation according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui bed orientation plan choice

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