Facts And Stories With Box-spring Beds

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Which is why it should favour box-spring beds

Many of us know this always popular growing beds under the name American or continental beds. Originally, these luxury used beds almost exclusively in first-class hotels in the United States. The difference from a conventional bed is that it is thought the box spring bed to longer life and long-term conservation of the mattress. Also box-spring beds adapt much better to the human body, resulting in an increased sleep and comfort. Comfortable and these beds for seniors are suitable.

Boxspringbetten-exclusivity for any budget

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Different price and quality classes

einrichtungsbesipiel residential ideas bedroom box spring beds boxspringbett

The difference to the traditional bed

A normal bed except consists of a bed frame, even in slatted frame and box spring – or cold foam mattress. A box-spring bed is built from three layers of protection, which are both practical, as also very comfortable. Also the name of the bed is situated exactly on this construction. Box-spring bedeutett as much as “Pencil box”, which is the first and lowest layer of the bed. This spring system is called still under mattress. The middle layer, also known as the upper mattress distinguishes itself due to a height of at least 30 centimetres. In Scandinavia, a third and final layer of mattress is placed over the top mattress, which is known as Topp er mattress or Topper shortly. Pay particular attention to select the top mattress, because each mattress has a different hardness, which can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The hardness is characterized by the letter H, which you can follow with your purchase. Forget not your weight, or the weight of the person for which the bed is intended to take into account.

Good ability to adapt to the body

box spring beds boxspringbett einrichtungsbesipiel living ideas structure

Particularly suitable for the elderly

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If you want to become like cozy and cuddly in bed’s or your back pain increasingly report, the choice of a box-spring bed would be a real hit. Nevertheless, an expert advice would be not redundant, because to find exactly the right bed for your needs.

The story tells that all luxury were fitted berths on the legendary Titanic with box-spring beds. In the meantime, this quality has a price that everyone can afford.

From manufacturer to manufacturer, there are differences in the hardness and the material

box spring Betten boxspringbett differences einrichtungsbesipiel home ideas

box spring Betten boxspringbett average einrichtungsbesipiel living ideas bedroom

box-spring beds boxspringbett foam einrichtungsbesipiel home ideas

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Opt for a special scarf and comfort

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