Fancy Bed Linen Choose – Part According To The Zodiac Sign 1

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

fancy bedding warm winter bedding pattern sheets

Fancy bed linen choose according to the zodiac sign

Facing the new elegant bed linen range? In fact, this is a very good gift idea for friends and family members. But actually, did you know that you can customize the selection of bedding also your zodiac sign and the characteristics of its star? We explain in this article how both things hang together.

How should you choose a suitable bedding

fancy linens two-tone Chevron pattern Steuerwagen white

Relaxing shades

blue linen light blue white elegant winter bedding

Blue linen with Pasleymuster

fancy bed linen light blue elegance and discreet

Appropriate bedding for Capricorn

What you should not do is to seek out elegant bed linen in bright shades of Capricorn. In addition, abstract paintings are a very bad idea for the people of this sign of the zodiac. Bed linen must not be too colorful.

The Ibex is on neutral colours such as grey

encountered bedding grey pattern fabric sheets

The Capricorn feels good in classical and quiet tones. He loves also the monochrome color palettes. The bed linen in a nuance should be preferred. Here are also the most preferred shades: all dark shades, light yellow, grey-blue, blue, black, dark green. Because of the Zodiac element – Earth, Ibex prefer practical stuff. For this reason, a whole set of sheets would be most appropriate.

Bedding set in dark blue

fancy linens Blau winter bedding Chevron pattern

Brown and blue – an earthy color combination

fancy bedding Brown two-tone light blue

Luxury bed linen beige

fancy bedding Brown cushion covers

One thing is simple, all the matching it is for people of the sign of the Zodiac Capricorn.

Simple linen bed linen in grey and white

fancy bed linen solid bedroom accessories

Elegant linens for shooters

The shooters are dynamic people seeking new challenges. Select bed linen in contrasting colours for them. In this particular case, the bed pillows and the rest of the sets in different nuances can be. Shooters continue to love the great paintings. You can search out even those which are somewhat childish. Everything that is connected with the theme of travel, is also very fitting.

Fancy bed linen with the Eiffel Tower

fancy linens as a gift idea

Good night bed linen

fancy bedding good night Moon and star pattern

Bed linen for couples

fancy bedding gift ideas for him and her

The nuances, which at best are the shooters, are purple, purple, pink and blue. The balanced character is reflected in all shades of blue.

Bed linen with geometrical pattern in pastel colors

unusual geometric pattern bedding sheets

But protecting at the same time love life and discover new things, combinations with garish shades would be also suitable circumstances.

Original bedding pattern in purple

fancy linens non-iron purple pattern


Scorpions love the provocation. Where to find real joy that you need bed linen with an interesting pattern or something that really attracts the attention. Furthermore, mystical images for people of this sign are very fitting. Combination of red and black would be ideal.

Red in combination with other colours

fancy bedding blue red white stripes

The favorite shades of Scorpio are yellow, raspberry, dark – and bright red. So stay preferably in red, if you want to be on the safe side. Red corresponds to the energetic, independent, and magnetic character of this sign in all its nuances. A true indicator of the strong communication ability of scorpions is still yellow.

Energetic shades for the Scorpion

two-tone pink bed linen bed sheet

Orange bedding

luxury bed linen Orange patterned

It is very important that in the bed linen an intimate context to read. The same applies here, as well as in all other areas of life.

Colorful bedding, which is harmonious and welcoming

colorful bedding flowers non-iron bedroom ideas


Scales have a light personality and great sense of humor. You can set quiet on a bedding set, which has a playful, humorous character. Fine linens would be very fitting. Successful colours are pastel shades, green and turquoise. But at the same time scales of the character are very capable of conversion. That’s why you risk basically, that will give them something too quickly bored. To avoid this, you should set better to something neutral. Certainly, the elegant white satin bed linen would like a balance very well. That will meet their demanding nature. And large linen the scales must give the feeling of comfort.

Harmony of the star sign Libra in the bedroom

fancy linen pattern Korbinieren Blau Weiß

A successful combination

fancy linens Chevron patternfancy linens Chevron pattern beige white


Virgins are nothing more than verliebet in the order. For this reason, the bed linen set must be not too crowded with various, large patterns. Everything has to be clearly organized, clear, and understandable. Satin and other classic models were the most their cause.

A “child” bedding patterns

fancy linens simple geometric pattern Grau Weiß

Colors, which especially like the virgins are green, purple, light blue, white and anything else that is not too far-fetched. You love the comfort in purple and have averse, something disturbs their quiet sleep.

A matching color is purple

fancy bedding purple white bed sheet

Women under this zodiac sign love animals and nature. You like bed linen with such illustrations much. Men virgins love linen in a color that corresponds to their addiction after order.

A proposal for the men virgins

bi-color bedding black white elegant

Light green represents the natural

fancy linens maritime style white light green


Each lion loves the stately colors. These are for example gold, black, and purple. The chic bedroom sets are especially suitable for this zodiac sign. Lions find very lovely silk bedding. You may like to be the center of attention. That’s why practically everything that is of high quality and costs according to much money fits with them. Instead of silk, you can opt for satin. A sophisticated pattern would look like it super.

Bed linen made of silk in a delicate shade

fancy bed linen plain satin sheets peach color

Did you not find your zodiac sign in this article? Learn about the preferences of all other zodiac signs in the continuation of the theme. See you soon and we wish you a peaceful night’s sleep!

Romantic ideas

exclusive bedding points Rosa Weiß

Sleep like a Princess!

exclusive bed linen orange pattern winter beddingexclusive non-iron bedding pink sheets

exclusive bed linen white winter beddingcolorful bedding Oriental style turquoise blueexclusive bedding green and Plaidexclusive bedding and curtains Grau Weiß patterndesigner bed linen Calvin Klein bamboo flowerssolid bedding Grau Battlakensolid linen white Gestichte duvet winter beddingelegant bed linen beige classic bedroom setelegant bedding Grau Muster combiningelegant bedding In the classic styleelegant bed linen upholstered bed colonial-stylewarm bedding Brown winter bed linen sheetswarm bedding Brown Kuschedecke winter beddingwarm linen knit winter bedding ideas

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