Feng Shui Bedroom: According To The Most Important Feng Shui Rules

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The most important rules for the Feng Shui bedroom design

On average, we spend about two-thirds of our lives in the bedroom. Feng Shui experts give special tips regarding the creation of this space.

You want to know what you recommend because for the bedroom?

Feng Shui bedroom set – basic rules

Feng Shui bedroom headboard wood pendant lamp

The general atmosphere

The living room must be generally comfortable and give the feeling of tranquility. You need to feel safe in this room. Because while you are sleeping, you are most vulnerable to the negative energy.

So you create atmosphere in your bedroom Feng Shui

feng shui bedroom breakfast tea

It may be that you set up a transition room as a bedroom. It should only have a door.

According to Feng Shui, the sloping roof is not appropriate at this point. This would reduce tension and negative influences.

Bedroom furniture made of real wood

Feng Shui bedroom bed bench wood furniture

The Green Wall color is for the Feng Shui bedroom very suitable

feng shui bedroom pale shades bright wood

Plenty of natural light

In the evening, the bedroom should be naturally beautiful obscured. But during the day, plenty of light should be included in this room. Because only so he will get enough Chi energy.

A transreflective through good bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom four-poster bed natural light

The location of the sleeping bed

The location of the bed is of very great importance. It must be located next to a wall, make you feel well protected. It is not good if the bed near a window. As a result, the energy will escape and you will feel not rested after sleep. Their feet may not point to the door. This is the position of the dead according to Feng Shui.

Continue to position the bed not under exposed beams. This brings to the chaos in the energy of the room and you are not to sleep.

It is very important, as the bed is positioned

Feng Shui bedroom decoration ideas natural light

Square head Board

The sharp edges are all over the House to recommend not according to Feng Shui. Keep it for aggression and negative mood. The same applies Covers bedrooms, but with full force.

The shape of the head Board is also important

Feng Shui bedroom set bed headboard

Avoid mirror or position them correctly

In principle, the mirror in the bedroom are not to be recommended. If you absolutely need a chest of drawers for your beauty, then position the mirror so that it does not reflect the bed. This may cause problems between the partners.

Water decoration and aquariums are harmful to the peace and the good night’s sleep according to Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Do not mistake these 2 Please!

Feng Shui bedroom set wall decoration ideas

The choice of color

The color must be necessarily taste of the inhabitants in the bedroom. This is especially important in the children’s bedroom. Position where no pictures. Activate energies, which are too stressful.  In addition, television and PC in the bedroom are not to be recommended.

Her favourite colour as the wall color in the bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom wall color green

Do not unnecessary items

There must be order and plenty of space in the bedroom. The chaos and the superfluous items have a negative impact on your rest and relaxation.

A few Feng Shui lucky charms are enough

Feng Shui bedroom lucky Buddha statue

Discreet window decoration

Feng Shui bedroom window decoration natural lightFeng Shui bedroom set decorative wooden furniture bankFeng Shui bedroom set color whiteFeng Shui bedroom set Chair blueFeng Shui bedroom set up houseplants brick wallFeng Shui bedroom four-poster bed linenFeng Shui bedroom wood furniture mirrorfeng shui bedroom neutral shades grey shadesFeng Shui bedroom wall Dresser minimalistFeng Shui Bedroom Feng Shui plants houseplants

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