Modern Bedroom Designed By Koj Design

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Modern bedroom pastel purple many historical photos

Modern bedroom designed by Koj design

The designer Nguyen living in Viet Nam Duy Khanh perfectly mastered the art of welcoming, modern bedroom design. As you can see in the following pictures, he spares no effort in creating spacious bedrooms with luxurious fabrics, great patterns, and subtle colors. In each of these exclusive environments, you can completely relax and let yourself fall.

Seamless transition between wall and bottom – optical distance

modern bedroom wall and floor from bright wood panels

Fresh accents in blue and purple – pictures with ornamental onion

modern bedroom great wall art decorative Leek in blue and violet

Narrow Ottoman at the window for a short NAP

modern designer bedroom narrow bed on the window

Clear lines in black and white – red accents and sophisticated lighting

modern minimalist bedroom furniture design subtle lighting

Tastefully patterned duvet and ergonomic chair

modern designer upholstered bedroom of white armchairs and patterned quilt

Comfortable bed Bank and soft carpet in beautiful shades of green

modern bedroom beautiful Ottoman with roll pillows

Chest of drawers, bedside table and wall decoration – a great wood composition

modern designer bedroom leather runners in ochre and square stools

Transparent, fine curtains and natural colored furnishings

modern bedroom wooden tiles on the wall Sandfarbig

Striking wall decoration – geometric pattern on carpet and bedspread

modern bedroom geometric patterned bedspread and carpet light with sunlight effect

Soft carpet in deep purple in accordance with the shading of the wall

modern bedroom geometric forms dark wood panels

Fancy wire pendant lamp and retro bed in black leather

modern bedroom filigree hanging lamps from wire and white bars on the ceiling

Picture stand made of aluminium and small, round side table

modern designer bedroom of ergonomic chair in Orange ceiling in pastel

Unique ceramic bottles and discreet track lighting

modern bedroom stylish track lighting original bottles

Asian flair by Purple bonsai and shelves in the geometric form

modern bedroom bonsai in purple shelves with abstract design

Zigzag floor lamp and Red tulips

modern bedroom bio wood white curtains outlandish floor lamp

Great rug in pastel green and sand-colored wall tiles

modern bedroom bed frame from Cedar

Romantic bedding and luminous table

modern bedroom lit coffee table and soft and cuddly runner

Creative Chair made of metal and plastic and oversized wall art

modern designer bedrooms oversized wall art and original chairs from plastic and metal

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