New Bedroom Design – Bedroom Atmosphere With Dark Colors

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bedroom new figures dark shades

As you color redesign your bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom design with colors, most people automatically think of bright shades. But certainly, this is not always the best solution. The dark colours can spread a very cosy atmosphere. In the bedroom, this could prove even as the better option.

Turn the disadvantages to the advantage

People who want to make their bedrooms in dark colors, are not sure to some things. You think the room would appear too small or you would feel there depressed and uncomfortable. Usually that’s true. But it also depends on the function of the room. The room must have a special character. About mystical mood and gloom can actually contribute that you fall asleep more easily.

Dark grey on rough surface

new bedroom shapes rough surface white flooring

Matching color and texture

You must choose also the suitable texture alongside the colours for your room design. You have many options to choose from. You can choose between Matt, gloss, solid and fading into each other over nuances. The choice that you make must be aligned on the outcome you want to achieve. Matt is not very demanding. Gloss will make the room seem chic.

Super smooth walls

The problem with the dark surfaces is that there also the smallest flaws are easy to detect. That’s why should even ideal this bedroom design, from the color of. Preferably, you should hire a professional with this task. You can use also plasterboard. But you need to be aware that this room clearly smaller will work.

Harmonious contrast with wood textures

new bedroom figures gray wall color light wood

Appropriate lighting

The design of the bedroom in dark colors makes use of good lighting all the more urgent. So that actually many different effects can be achieved. You can use the light to spread a mystical or romantic mood. If the ceiling is also dark, you could make them appear like a starry sky through small recessed lights. To help the various decorations, which exist for this purpose on the market.

Choose bright furniture

If you want to make sure that the room despite the dark walls not small looks, then you would have to decide for light-colored furniture pieces. This is also a great contrast. Also the curtains, cushions, and other elements of the design can be included in this concept.

Modern solution in the industrial style

new bedroom design industrial style metal optics shaggy carpet

Effect of the image

A nice picture can appear complete and comfortable any room. Thus you bring much delight your senses. You will avoid the danger that the Interior looks much too rough. Great works of art can make female also a super dark room with flowers.

Modern meets Baroque

new bedroom design dark purple

Floral pattern for more dynamism in the room

new bedroom design floral pattern white bed

Visual geometry in Matt

bedroom new shapes geometric pattern wall covering

Mixture of style in the bedroom

new bedroom design striped wall pattern white furniture

Light gray and Art Deco

new bedroom design grey nuances

Cleverly integrated lighting

new bedroom figures grey nuances recessed

Fresh green accents give the room a lighter mood

new bedroom design grey walls Steuerwagen

Smooth gray shades and warm wooden texture

new bedroom design wooden grain concrete look grey walls

A fine pattern game

new bedroom figures Grau Texture pattern

More passion with red high gloss

new bedroom figures high gloss red white ground

Balance and natural materials

bedroom new figures rattan carpet white table lamp headboard

Introducing hot splashes of color by pillows and blankets

new bedroom figures black walls white bed

Textures variety in grey

new bedroom design black wall panels grey wall tiles

Enliven the walls with delicate wall decals

new bedroom figures white wall decals

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