Northern Feng Shui Bedroom – The Five Natural Elements In Movement On The Market

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Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas pink

The five natural elements in the correct range in motion bring Northern Feng Shui bedroom-

Question: How do I use Feng Shuito set up a Northern bedroom?Please help, how to I apply Feng Shui to decorate a bedroom located to the North? After, I should use my opinion skin colors and earth tones for good Feng Shui, but the Earth-Feng Shui element in the North is not good. Is that correct? On the other hand is the water Feng Shui element in the bedroom north facing also not suitable.

Elegant bedroom design – Northern Feng Shui bedroom

Northern Feng Shui bedroom elegant wood flooring hell

Answer: We understand your confusion, you a very good Feng Shui bring up question, thank you for that.

After you define the Bagua of your House, you might dilemma find frequently in a short time of a Feng Shui, how to set up a specific area of your home and decorated.You know, so that they create a more harmonious energy at home, you need to need to strengthen necessary elements Feng Shui in specific Bagua areas.So, for example, would bring in plants (Feng Shui wood element), and a source of water (water Feng Shui element) in the eastern area of your Bagua to strengthen the energy that had good health and family harmony maintained.

Cosy and comfortable bedrooms

Northern Feng Shui bedroom white linen

However, if you have one going North bedroom, you could use more complicated or delicate Feng Shui ideas to the decoration. A Feng Shui bedrooms in the North is often a challenge as water Feng Shui element – must be limited room in a good Feng Shui.

Dark, but comfortable bedroom design – soft fabrics and textures

Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas tips

So, what can you do? Here, tips for a bedroom light and practical Feng Shui are located north.Bring black and white colors in your bedroom and put it in a visually pleasant arrangement. Be sure that the images for the bedroom are matching.

Feng Shui tips to select bedroom theme and styleFeng Shui basic: black is the colour of the water Feng Shui element and white is the color of metal Feng Shui element; both elements and colors are very nutritious for the North of Feng Shui Bagua area.

Beautiful, stylish colours and textures brighten and beautify the room design

Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas Orange silk

You decide on vast white/cream/soft, grey accent colors in your bedroom with fine, warm Earth, wood, and fire Feng Shui. For example, you can add warm red or schokoladenbraune-Brown cushions, but have no red or chocolate brown colors on the wall. You must avoid strong Earth, fire and wood elements in a Northern bedroom.Feng shui basic: the Earth, fire and wood Feng Shui elements will weaken the energy of water Feng Shui in your North bedroom.

Make a beautiful mirror, so that’s flooded with more natural light in the bedroom. Make sure that the mirror facing the bed, nor the front door. Opt for a circular (metal of feng shui element form) or an oval mirror.

Comfortable and simply decorated bedroom furnishings

Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas dark

Feng shui basic: A well adjusted mirror is the required water Feng Shui element strengthen without drain good energy from your bedroom.

Avoid the following forms in your North bedroom: square (Feng Shui Earth element), rectangular (wood Feng Shui element) or triangular (fire Feng Shui element.) This applies to your furniture, such as bed and headboard, wardrobe, night tables, bed linen and textures.

Dominant purple color in the room

Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas purpleFeng Shui basic: as we have previously mentioned, the colors as well as Earth, wood, fire – Feng Shui elements weaken the water Feng Shui energy in your North bedroom.

Finally: You can go a step further and dilemma find many creative solutions for every Feng Shui, you face. Be sure that you understand the interaction between of the five Feng Shui elements. Equipped with this knowledge, you are sure to bring good energy in your home!

Set up your bedroom according to the Feng Shui rules

Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas plan

1. you need fixed headboard2. choose appropriate mattress3. ensure that it is high enough4. place the bed at an angle towards the door, but not in line with the5. solid retaining wall behind the bed is important6. keep grundierende and balanced energy in the room7. place your bed away from the walls where there is electrical equipment

Plans and designs – Bagua Feng Shui rules and advice

The dining room is suitable for learning and romance Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas design of Northern Feng Shui bedroom ideas project

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