Plants In The Bedroom – Potted Flowers, Which Are Especially Appropriate

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Plants in the bedroom

Many people afraid the place is, by they sleep with plants to fill because they fear vermin and allergic reactions. But this is a mistaken belief. Although you should take care in the selection of planting on some things that are not relevant, for example, in the living room or bathroom, but otherwise there is nothing against plants in the home bedroom. On the contrary: the appropriate precautions and tips on planting in the sleeping area are implemented, residents can take advantage of the health-promoting properties of the plants .

Planning and preparation for plantings in the bedroom

Allergy sufferers react normally sensitive to the potting soil and not on the plants themselves, because organisms such as fungi settle here to often, which can cause health problems. Also smells that continuously flow out some plants, headache and nausea can raise at some Menschenstarke what is unpleasant understandably not only in the bedroom. Therefore strongly scented plants in the bedroom should be avoided and always made sure, that used plant Earth is fresh, relaxed and without mould growth. The fertilizer, if needed, should be not too aggressive because this can cause similar reactions like strong scents.

Good luck spring fresh plants in the bedroom

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Which plants are particularly suited?

As a general rule applies: plants with large leaves, such as for example large Yucca trees are ideal for the bedroom and are in stores or online available almost everywhere. At the time of purchase should be this means the plants must be grown grade, fresh and green leaves exhibit and overall impression and a vital, not dried taken on the quality of the plants. By Ahrens + Sieberz plant , for example, these criteria, here to put great value on freshness. As well as Yucca, room Ivy and birch figs are, to make drawing the bedroom. The positive on plants with large leaves appealing look primarily is additional humidification with an increased oxygen concentration. Also, they make the bedroom a place of peace and relaxation, as plants create a pleasant ambience and indoor climate. Because the most bedrooms rather belong to the cooler rooms in the apartment, there is heated less, care should be taken when purchasing new plantings on it, the plants to tolerate these climatic conditions.

Typical plants in the bedroom

indoor Palm plants Plants In the bedroom Zimmepflanzen easy

Positive properties of plants

Plants make a photosynthesis under the influence of light, which recorded carbon dioxide and oxygen given off and clean the air so. Plants help due to the evaporation of humidity in the room to create a pleasant and healthy climate, by allowing better sleep. Because only pleasant air is in the bedroom, a restful sleep is possible. The decorative element of green plants is also not to be underestimated as plant decorations are of course, stylish and fresh.

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