Platform Beds Equipped With Drawer – Storage Ideas

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platform bed storage drawers pull out black bed frame

Platform beds equipped with drawer – storage ideas

If you are constantly on the lookout for useful ways to store things in your bedroom and you’d like a modern, first-class design which can be associated with your bed in an aesthetic match, a platform bed could be the ideal solution for you. Once you have inserted a platform bed, you will completely forget about such experiences and get complete control over the space under your bed.

A high percentage of these beds is equipped with a storage system that allows you to organize objects in the space under the bed and to accommodate what proves especially for the flats very helpful, where space is tight.

A high percentage of these beds is equipped with a storage system

platform wood beds with drawer frame

Depending on how much storage you need and of the style that you want, your platform bed can be fitted with a single or multiple drawers, mounted on the sides and at the foot of the bed. In this way it you will be possible to make a larger portion of the visible floor. The drawers you can store in your underwear, your socks and your clothing inappropriate for the season, while the space in the closet remains reserved for the current season clothing.

Platform beds with drawers

platform beds equipped with drawer white facility

This alternative brings the extraordinary functionality of the platform bed on the day, so that it exceeds the highest expectations in such form. Shelves and cabinets can be mounted to the headboard, with extensions on both sides. The trays can be used for varied storage purposes such as for the storage of books, CDs, photos in frames and more. To embellish the look of the whole a bit, you can add a few decoration pieces on the shelves.

Built-in shelves and cabinets

platform beds pine wood equipped with pockets

This type of platform beds is created for such people who give priority in their everyday lives of simplicity. You are a line of platform beds, which have been designed without head Board and many other ornate posts which you would usually associate with many beds of this type. Everything you need here, is stylistically simple designed storage area under the bed or you can also opt for some amenities such as stairs, if you have a slightly richer amenities in mind.

Unassuming simplicity what affects the amenities

platform beds rustic design equipped with pockets

Many platform beds are characterized by a refined design and except that they functionally prove on space saving as express, your bedroom through them gaining visual attractiveness. A platform bed with stairs are a good example of this. If the apartment owner in the bed wants to develop, the stairs guarantee him a comfortable access to them.

Rustic bedroom design – distinctive ambience

platform beds soft mattresses equipped with pockets

Now that a wide space opens up directly under your bed, you need not worry to make more, where you will find place, a place for the storage of not matching the current season dresses, blankets, and perhaps to build the toys of your children. Platform beds are not only convenient, but also stylish and the manner on which they transform her small bedroom, is second to none.

Think about their applicability in your child’s room, in the guest room in the master bedroom, if they there are looking for variety and establish a visually appealing difference between these areas and your narrow bedroom.

So, would you choose a platform bed?

platform beds with drawers equipped high positioned

Highly positioned platform bed with light wooden frame

platform wood beds with drawers practically compact

Classic bedroom furnishings

platform beds equipped modern facility with pockets butter yellow bedding – urban bedroomplatform beds urban design equipped with pockets

Red accents – wall paint and pillows

platform beds equipped with drawers traditional facility

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