Sleep Better – 5 Tips For Setting Up Your Bedroom OASIS

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Would you sleep better?

The bedroom is without doubt the most intimate space in our home, where we spend not only most of the time of our lives, but relax, fresh recharge, love each other, cuddle, and find an incomparable feeling of security. For all these reasons, it is vital that we make a real sleep OASIS, where we can sleep better. Because restorative sleep is essential for the health of everyone. Of course, sleep in the first place depends on our mental and physical health. If we feel balanced and are not under stress, we sleep even deeper and longer. That’s why advise many psychologists and sleep researcher, regular relaxation techniques to apply mindfulness and meditation. A good deal of exercise can also definitely help with sleep disturbances. You can promote your sleep but also through matching bedroom and decoration. There, they just need a few simple tips to follow. Let’s start with the core of a bedroom – the bed.

Better sleep made easy

sleep better man woman white bedding mattress bed

The bed

Of course design are entirely up to your own taste us style. Here, but mainly materials, location and Bedlinens play the more important role. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan take precedence. Metal beds, opinions differ. Although such beds per se are considered the most romantic, she suspected, to produce an additional electromagnetic pollution.

The location of the bed is also a delicate matter. Many experts advise that the bed should necessarily have a wall or sturdy floor stand behind. This is not the case but for everyone. You should try it yourself. Before you buy your bed, just some time in the bedroom and lie down here and there on a soft ceiling, directly on the ground. Decide where would be the perfect place for bed. Just as a tip: Feng Shui are the optimal directions of sleeping with the head to the East or North.

Find your perfect bed, where you can sleep better

sleep better bed coverlet pillow bed linens natural materials

Keep order

In principle it applies here and also for the whole bedroom: provide a reasonable dose order and hide your stuff as possible, but please do not under the bed! Choose for this such as braided storage boxes or wooden boxes with beautiful patterns on it.

Order ring attention! A beautiful bedspread saves you the annoying bed-making. Nevertheless you should not forget the regular airing and shaking.

Furniture, decoration and home textiles

The furniture may overload your sleeping area on a case. Try to keep it minimal. If it is possible to shift the best your wardrobe in the hallway or in a different room. Walk-in closets and dressing Chamber of sorrow, of course, are the optimum solution.

Home textiles and decoration is also – so natural and simple as possible. Rugs in winter and light Satin Bed linen in the summer are cuddly soft the classics here. Disturbing, collected dust, and negative-looking decoration has to do basically anything in your bedroom.

Surround yourself with natural materials and fabrics

sleep better bedroom set up cozy quilt houseplants wood carving headboard


Here is the rule of thumb – no Flash, cold light in the bedroom. Yes, especially fluorescent lighting is absolutely out of place. Fashion at best several islands of light and provide a relaxing atmosphere with pleasant, warm light. Lights and candles are of course very welcome, as far as the last not be left unattended.

Warm, soft light calms the mind and promotes sleep

sleep better bedroom set up natural materials light Islands diffused light

Say ‘No’ to the smog!

Banish all electrical appliances as possible from your bedroom or at least ensure that they remain off by night. This is true even for the bedside lamp.

And of course very well for the popular phone

sleep better bed man mobile elektrosmog

Give a chance to the insomnia!

wife sleep better sleep alarm clock retro white linens

Otherwise, it is always important, shortly before going to bed once so correctly open the window and let fresh air in. Ensures an optimum dimming of the window and desire dribble a little soothing essential oils on the cushion – we recommend the organic lavender oil from Provence.

So, have fun setting up and sweet dreams!

Meditate regularly or practice mindfulness

sleep better meditation of relaxation techniques yoga

Then you will sleep just like a baby

better baby sleep teddy bear sleeps good sleep

Create a cozy bedroom OASIS home

sleep better bedroom of double bed discreetly white linens pillows down comforter

Metal beds, a thicker mattress would be to recommend

sleep better bedroom of double metal bed mattress of valance

Very original and healthy beds from Euro pallets are also DIY

sleep better bedroom Setup screen europallets bed

Give the bedroom a relaxing Zen-fair

better sleep bedroom set up feng shui mini zen garden buddha statue

A radio alarm clock or laptop on battery mode are completely safe in bed

sleep better alarm clock calculator rug white linen beige curtains

If the blinds on the window is not enough

sleep better white linen cotton sleep mask sleeping woman

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