The Metal-free Pine Bed Ensures An Optimal Sleep Experience

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You bring the nature in the bedroom pine bed-

Who sleeps poorly or restless, should think about to bring nature into the bedroom and sleep in a pine bed. This ensures a pleasant and restful night’s sleep and causes to wake up surrounded by the delightful scent.

Healthy sleep in a pine bed

While sleeping, new forces designed to collect, totally relaxed, strong and fit to start the new day. Too short or restless nights in the long term affect the health and can lead to various diseases. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a healthy sleep. But this is only possible, if the conditions are right. A pine bed is the optimal basis. The pine is a very noble and valuable wood species. It has a relaxing effect, so that a good sleep is favored. Night rest is much deeper for the body and mind. Also avoids the essential oil contained mold. On farmer, a pine bed can be purchased from Europe’s largest pine bed manufacturer uses only pine wood of quality in the production. It enthusiastically with a delightful scent, is made of solid wood, is sustainably manufactured and promotes a healthy night’s sleep.

The other advantages of the Swiss stone pine bed

Pine bed bedroom interesting design

With a pine bed for your own health and well-being can be done, because in addition to a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise, also a restful sleep is the best way to prevent diseases. The Swiss stone pine wood contains essential oils that soothe the autonomic nervous system.

This allows you to fall asleep fast and recovers the next morning to wake up. As a result, the circuit is stable and quiet heartbeat. A pine bed contains no metal parts, which also cause many people to a fitful sleep. This is a great advantage, because it is evidence that metallic objects can generate electromagnetic interference fields. The pine bed also suitable for allergy sufferers, because mites, moths etc through the nose are kept. Also for asthmatics, the bed is a good choice. The smell of the wood has a decongestant effect on the mucous membranes, so the breathing is easier and significantly improved the quality of life.

The advantages of the Swiss stone pine bed at a glance:

-wonderful fragrance-improved quality of sleep-provides for more rest and relaxation thanks to the essential oil in the pine wood-lighter sleep and longer sleep periods-reduces the heart rate-pleasant room climate-natural moth and insect protection-positive effect in a Meteorosensitivity-better general condition-also for allergy sufferers


Many people like a Wellness vacation type describe to sleep, in a pine bed. A significant improvement of sleep quality and well-being who suffers from sleep disorders, can learn it. In his sleep, the immune system is particularly active. Therefore, everything possible should be done that he is healthy and relaxing. The pine bed is an ideal investment for anyone. It is the best way to get the nature in the bedroom and to make the room an oasis of relaxation. The positive effect of Swiss stone pine on the well-being is scientifically proven. A pine bed is also a purchase for the entire life.

The pine bed contains no metal parts and generates accordingly no electromagnetic interference fields

Pine bed sleep healthy

What never been so effortless to bring nature to your home

Pine bed wood healthy sleep

A kind wellness holidays are waiting for you in your bedroom

pine bed bedroom set up

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