The Perfect Headboard Find – How You Can Spice Your Boring Bedroom

the perfect headboard upholstered find large white great arc lamp

Find the perfect headboard – valuable ideas and advice

Your bed is the focal point in your bedroom and that’s why there is nothing more disappointing than a sad, boring head part. As an important accessory for the bed, the headboard can be meaningful, not only fall but also subtle, depending on what a design style you have. The head parts brought it today, the metal variants already long not only are there. There is a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes.

So if you are about to search for the perfect headboard for your bed, you look at the following ideas and get inspired!

Choose a head Board as an eye-catching photo of top cat photo

the perfect headboard finding high and wide from rough wooden planks

Your bed can make a statement without words

Take a look at your bedroom and decide first how much space you can treat your headboard. Spacious rooms and especially those that have high ceilings, larger head parts of course make more sense. Tufted and upholstered headboards give your bedroom more elegance and romance while those made of metal, wood or leather for a rustic or adventurous ambience. There are many DIY projects, where you can take advantage of old doors, table tops or shutters for a new purpose. They are attached directly to the wall and not on the bed frame. There are no fixed rule when designing your head bed, have artistic freedom.

A fine headboard in light wood with built-in shelves of Amy LAU design

the perfect headboard finding small and fine with built-in shelf

Small bedrooms can benefit from perfectly designed headboards

Fortunately, there are a wide range of models and designs for every taste. For example, you can select a headboard with a relatively small cut, but with several features for the small bedroom. These headboards offer additional space for bedside tables, coffee tables, shelves and reading lamps. If you want to have the headboard wall art, you must be careful with the size. Don’t let that one above the other dominates! On the other hand, large images can serve itself as part of the head, if they are appropriately positioned. When choosing reading lamps, ensure just as good for the size. If they are too big, they become the focus and are no longer part of the head, and if they are too small, they lose themselves in the other decoration. Trying to find the balance between headboard, wall art and accessories.

The reading lamp and wall art are a perfect complement to the headboard of Kwinter & co.

the perfect headboard upholstered with wall art find white

With the above ideas and advice, the selection of the perfect headboard will be more hopefully no difficult task for you. Simply, set whether you would like a bold or subtle variation and which style best fit to your bedroom. Keep the size of the bed and the rooms are decorated in the eye while you choose your perfect headboard or create and transform your boring bedroom into a sleep oasis of absolute relaxation!

An incredible variety of patterns and colors – gorgeous sleeping atmosphere

the perfect headboard find colourful and inviting in red and green

Soothing green nuances and many images in black and white

the perfect headboard finding from dark wood many pictures green nuances

Antique elegance with the old door in dark green

the perfect headboard finding the old door new use dark green

Handy shelf with plenty of room for the candles and lights

the perfect headboard find from Cedar shelves

Chic patterns and colors contrast with the old planks of former beer box

the perfect headboard find from old box planks

A touch of Provence

the perfect headboard find simple white with lilac

A deep shelf provides enough space for your books and personal belongings – photos and jewellery

the perfect headboard find black shelf

Two padded squares and two mystical pictures on the wall

the perfect headboard find square upholstered in cream dark wood

Built-in luminaires provide for additional comfort

the perfect headboard find reading lamps built with wood-look

Uniquely designed in Oriental style

the perfect headboard finding with gilded frames and ornaments

Antique flair and elegance – the old door gets her second chance

the perfect headboard finding antique ambience of old door in black