The Pull Out Bed – Smart And Space-saving Housing

Editor   February 20, 2014   Comments Off on The Pull Out Bed – Smart And Space-saving Housing

purple color pull-out bed

To create flexibility and live in comfort

Do you not feel that your bed takes up space for 2 rooms? You have but determined other furniture, waiting for their own seats? I myself often remember how to can create more flexibility in setting up… And what if you can make your own bed disappear?! Obtained by a spell, but by investing in a pull-out bed. It is worthwhile!

How does that work exactly? We take a walk through the world of beds, which appear to be really smarter.

Be clever with the pull out bed

pull-out bed black and white

folding sofa bed set up

The seating area is on a platform in this living room. No wonder why such a design has been selected! At the end of the day, the bed under the platform is pushed. As a result, you have practically 2 single pieces of furniture that you can use together or separately.

Bed and sofa

pull-out bed space for other furniture

Is it not true that with such an idea you really saves much space? This model has a second function – it can be used as sofa.

Rolling floor space

pull-out bed on the wall

pull-out bed normal pull out

Is your apartment too small? Access easily to the idea of a bed, which rolls in the living area.

Under the platform

purple color pull-out bed

Here’s a handy tip on how you can save space. This pull-out bed is tucked under a platform with a comfortable seat next to the window. Their children have more space to play.

Feel comfortable reading area

pull-out bed colourful pillows

This sofa can disappear under the sofa. The reading seems to be very comfortable.

Sleep and work together

pull-out bed yellow Cabinet behind the bed

Such a design fits very well with those who at home have 2 jobs. The beds are including hidden and you could be quiet work.

Discover the compactness

pull-out bed In the closet compact

pull-out bed now pulling out

This looks too complicated? Is quite practical and compact. The whole bedroom slides into the Interior.

Hide on the ceiling

pull-out bed on the ceiling

wall mounted pull out bed

Here are more examples of disappearance of bed. Under such a heavy bed, I’d personally nervously.

Seating under the bed

pull-out bed white color flowers

sofa seating area including

We have seen such configurations definitely several times, where the bed under the seating area have been hidden. Here is the opposite.

Located in the air

pull-out bed located in the air

Here I present to you a mix of the last 2 of my ideas. Basically sits the bed in the middle of the air. Below you can see the seating area, which is not interested in the position of the bed.

This was a brief overview of my hopefully usable ideas which have led me to think about. I have collected these from experience for you. A pleasure can be to have often at home, relatives and friends, if you opt for a pull-out bed.

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