The Truth About Water Bed – Pros And Cons!

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Want to sleep in a waterbed?

The water bed is one of the most controversial sleep systems at all. Here opinions differ definitely. Some want to create is never a bed and others, would never give their waterbed. What is true for now what? We have made us to get a bit more clarity in this respect. After an in-depth search in forums, specialized websites and counselors about waterbeds, we have summarized some important points in the form of pros and cons. Some of them are entirely objective and factual and others are relative and subjective, however, as it should be on many issues of health and well-being.

So we start with the benefits!


Chilblains beware!

with a waterbed you get rid of the annoying hot shakes before falling asleep, because as a bed keeps warm in winter and cool in summer – own heating due to
in the waterbed is the spine just at bedtime and the pressure points on the body are minimal, so it turns hard and has longer sleep phasen
the mattress adapts perfectly to the sleeping position – Sun feel great
less mites – a boon for allergy sufferers
the vinyl mattress will be cleaned simply with care and finished
by matching the sedation level setting to reach its desired follow-through

Tip: Many water bed fans recommend a bed size 200 x 220 cm, Softside, two Chamber, and about 80% sedative

The Avignon water bed by Beliani

waterbed beliani softside modern design bedroom

You find the water bed in White Leather Lille also at Beliani

waterbed beliani lille White Leather

The designer water bed by Paolo Collaner is available at H2O water beds Munich

waterbed designer paolo collaner h2o water bed Munich

RESTful nights® water bed

waterbed of restful nights sleep comfort healthy

The SETI waterbed – refined Zen design for water beds store

We would not just rationalizing but the water bed. Disadvantages are very often mentioned, should be definitely in purchase, if one opts for a sleeping system. What have we found?


Electricity costs (for a double bed 220 x 220 cm – at an average temperature of 27-28 degrees in the year approx. 80 Euro)
You should invest some time and money in the care – 2-3 time must in the year the water bed will drained and vented and refilled – includes also a conditioner against algae, bacteria and germs
the price is not cheap – sometimes has to be paid for more than 3 000 euro
Disc problems, not to recommend deeper tension and other problems of attitude – as an orthopaedic bed, that yields in some areas of the body and rather has a counterpressure in the lumbar area, might make more sense
E-smog – own heating is an additional electromagnetic field that may be magnified by the water
Water bed is not suitable for stomach sleepers
According to Feng Shui, standing water is no longer pure and healthy
According to Masaru Emoto (“the memory of water”) has to absorb water the property, thoughts and feelings and to save – water beds are therefore not to be recommended, because they keep everything negative in itself – nightmares such.

of course also the rental contract comes last but not least – because it could become problematic, because waterbeds are not especially popular with landlords – due to weight and of potential water damage

Discover the sleeping comfort of the Silvano water bed!

waterbed silvano inside two Chamber water bed mattress

Of course, you can purchase online a more favourable water bed itself, for example in waterbed discount. It is but imperative to consult with a professional in detail in advance. It is also generally: one is best placed in a good water beds Studio. Many offer the extremely important “Pro out” and even sometimes whole two weeks long.

Have fun exploring and thinking and of course sweet dreams!

Comfort bed soft Optima Aqua dynamic

waterbed optima aqua dynamic Swiss quality

Waterbed Vicenza beech

The SUMA water beds are often recommended by real connoisseurs

flexx waterbed suma water bed

waterbed suma waterbed conditioners fixed calming

waterbed suma drawers Pedestal Mount

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