Are Mattress Tests Still Credible?

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Before buying a new product, many people are informed about the quality of interesting models and their alternatives beforehand. Official test reports, best produced by independent consumer magazines, provide meaningful results. If professional test labs are added, the tests offer a recognizable added value. Unfortunately, there are always test portals on the Internet, which seem to provide professional reviews and thus potential purchase decisions. However, many of these sites only try to convince customers of certain products to make money themselves.

A new mattress is one of the long-term acquisitions, so you should take a little more time to choose, so that you can have a long time at bed rest. Of course, as a consumer, one tries to get the best out of price and performance. The prices for mattresses go already at under 100 euro and can reach the premium segment also gladly times several thousand euro.

If the mattress test winner is, however, the price is not always easy to determine – and also many test reports on the Internet is not to be trusted, as many portal operators mainly strive to bring expensive mattresses to the man, so high Commissions. In the end, the consumer has to bear the consequences.

Better sleep ergonomic mattress pillows

Be careful when comparing on the Internet

In comparative portals one should therefore rather look twice as the Mattresses test was carried out. Even with well-known sites such as Stiftung Warentest you should get more detailed information. In the case of serious pages, however, the test procedure is usually explained and also the cooperation with various test labs or similar is listed in detail.

The operators of the untrustworthy sites themselves do not even test any products and represent only self-titled test winner as such, which pay a certain fee. You buy the title of the test winner, so to speak. It is often not clear at all on these portals which criteria or conditions were tested and who is responsible for the test at all.

Ergonomic mattress for better sleep

In order for the corresponding page to be filled with content, individual results are collected from different test reports and reviews, for example from Amazon, and are output as a separate test. The operators of the sites then earn money with so-called affiliate links, as they pass the customers to the appropriate traders. So you get a sales commission and act similar to peddlers, just in digital form.

Little girl on the bed in the bedroom

In the Internet you should therefore always inquire and use several sources of information. The first place is not always justified. Another possibility is to order the new mattress from the dealer of his trust or to order it directly from the manufacturer, e.g. ” Snooze Project “, And try them out at home over a longer period of time.

Infographics on the topic of tips for the perfect sleep

Infographics: In addition to a suitable mattress, there are other points that can influence sleep as well as negatively.

Legal framework

According to the German law, in cases where misleading statements mislead consumers or harm competitors, Law against unfair competition (UWG). The business action is misleading as it conveys a test and has been evaluated, even though nothing has been tested at all. Business deals with the operator because he deserves money on the page with the forwarding of customers.

The invented tests and the free trials of test drivers, without a review of the products took place thus violates the competition law. That is why Stiftung Warentest and several others have also found themselves Consumer Protection Associations Together and sent to appropriate website operators warning. They are asked to remove the misinformation and issue an injunction.

Select matresses correctly

Consider appropriate test pages

If you want to be informed about products on the Internet, you should stick to serious websites of well-known companies. This is not only true When looking for the right mattress , But for product groups of all kinds. Magazines specialized in the individual areas, which can also be bought in the magazine trade, are the best choice to obtain meaningful reviews.

Stiftung Warentest has the largest portfolio and is the best-known company, which actually carries out tests on its own. Eco-Test has also been on the market for over 30 years and has earned a good reputation. In such cases you have to pay for the test money, of course. In the end, however, this is better for the purse, since you have longer pleasure in an actual test winner.

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Young family is testing mattress in a store

Picture: When selecting the mattress you have to be careful not to use poor quality due to misinformation. Image source: Iakov Filimonov – 692526295 /

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