Bed Without Headboard – 33 Evidence That Bed Headboards Are Not Compulsory

The bedroom bed has always been the centerpiece in the sleeping area. But his design evolved over time to meet the demands of modern people. Among all the bed ideas on the market, a bed design made a special impression on us: the bed without a headboard. If you are looking for a new bed, then consider a bed without bed head! Maybe this is your dream bed!

Bed without headboard makes the bedroom spacious and airy

bed without headboard modern bed design light flooring

Modern beds with a simple design

Beds without a headboard prove that the headboard is often superfluous in bed design. The bedroom interior is not so affected by unnecessary details, but made a pleasant and inviting place. In such bedding models, value is placed above all on the main function of the bed: the sleep function.

Beds without a headboard are stylish and fit great in puristic facilities. This bed design also fascinates by its simplicity and often brings a minimalist flair to the bedroom.

Also with these beds one can speak of variety of designs and functions. Solid wood or veneer are the most widely used materials and many beds without a headboard also have storage space feature. Sleeping beds without a headboard fit in different styles: They look just as good in an Asian interior design, as in a purist, minimalist or modern bedroom.

Replace the headboard with many pillows

bed without headboard fresh bedroom striped carpet yellow throw pillow

Make yourself comfortable in the bed

bed without headboard nice room carpet carpet runner

Beds without a headboard provide several design options

It might seem a bit strange to you, but even without a headboard, the bed does not look unfinished! Even a harmonious decor contributes to this! A bed without headboard can be positioned anywhere in the sleeping area. The bed can traditionally be placed on the bedroom wall or left alone and create a beautiful visual effect in the modern sleeping area! This arrangement of the furniture certainly looks elegant!

The beds without a headboard let the creativity of bedroom design freedom. At the head end you can experiment and attach a sticker or hang up textiles. Surely you create real eye-catcher! You could also put a nice wallpaper on the wall and bring the bed to the foreground. Or why not hang attractive murals on the wall?! The simple beauty of the bed is also emphasized in this way great!

Simple bed design with plenty of storage space

bed without headboard small bedroom cozy

The striped wallpaper sets the bed nicely in scene

bed without headboard white linen striped wallpaper

Take enough time to choose the right bed for you! Which elements this must possess, you decide yourself! But if the headboard is not a must for you, an elegant bed without a bed head (as we have just proved!) Also works in your bedroom.

Comfortable bedroom furniture for a nice indoor climate in the sleeping area

bed without headboard comfortable bedroom chic bedroom furniture

Compensate the absence of the headboard with a small photo wall

bed without headboard bedroom in monohromen colors beautiful floor wood look

Many pillows irrevocably create a feeling of coziness…

bed without headboard bedroom white black floor

A minimalist bedroom does not need a bed with bed head!

bed without headboard white bedroom frame

Also in the middle of the room is the bed very nice!

bed without headboard cozy sleeping area elegant bedding floral pattern
bed without headboard small bedroom floorboards bright walls
bed without headboard modern sleeping area wooden wall paneling
bed without headboard simple design unusual wall design
bed without headboard plain bed wood beautiful geometric carpet

Loft bedroom with many plants

bed without headboard minimalist bed fresh bedroom design
bed without headboard super modern panoramic window
bed without headboard modern bed beautiful lines red white
bed without headboard comfortable bed storage ideas
bed without headboard dark bed low elegant strip carpet

Chic minimalist bed in dark brown as a gem in the room

bed without headboard minimalist carpet runner bright walls
bed without headboard white bed design black flooring
bed without headboard colored bed linen floorboards bright walls
bed without headboard colored throw pillow cactus
bed without headboard fresh pattern boho style

Combine slightly darker shades in bedroom design

bed without headboard gray bedroom male look
bed without headboard light gray carpet runner
bed without headboard small bedroom comfortably furnished carpet floor flowers
bed without headboard chic bedroom design neutral colors
bed without headboard black linen white flooring

Fresh colors and a lot of cosiness…

bed without headboard many throws beautiful pastel colors
bed without headboard white bedding storage baskets beautiful floor
bed without headboard mural much storage space
bed without headboard colored painting floor tiles beige