Find The Mattress That Matches One

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Poor sleep can rob you of all nerves And permanently make sick , Scientifically proved is that people, who do not sleep at night, are not really powerful during the day. This phenomenon can have stress as a cause, but also illnesses or noise in the bedroom. But even the bed itself can be guilty of bad sleep.

It is also possible that the mattress does not fit into one. The same applies to the head cushion And the bedspread , And even the bed linen can affect the sleep quality, after all, a pleasant material can enhance the well-being. The investment in high – quality linens is therefore worthwhile and with the right care of the respective material, to which you about Here valuable tips , You also have a long time to enjoy it. But back to the most important factor in terms of healthy sleep: the mattress. For guidance on buying a new sleeping pad, you will find helpful tips below.

As one sleeps, one sleeps

For a restful sleep, the right mattress is the essence. Comprehensive advice is essential, with specialized stores and Internet portals a suitable starting point. Whether someone is sleeping on a hard surface or on a very soft mattress is individually different. There is no rule or norm that one can judge. In addition, this predilection can change in the course of life, so that you may be relatively hard with mid-twenties, while in mid-forties you prefer a softer ground. In addition to the material composition of the mattress, the different degrees of hardness play a decisive role. The best way to test them is to test them.

Hardness levels are essential for a healthy sleep

The degree of hardness is crucial for the mattress to fit into one. They are based on the individual body weight, but also on what one prefers. The degree of hardness is a recommendation of the mattress manufacturer. In principle, one should always make sure that the mattress fits in its shape to the body and supports it. That is, it must not be so soft that you sink into it clearly, but not so hard that the spine is pushed upwards and you feel as if you are lying exposed. As a guideline, the mattress manufacturers provide the following:

  • Hardness level 1 for a body weight up to 60 kg – H1 or soft
  • Hardness level 2 for a body weight up to 80 kg – H2 or medium strength or medium
  • Hardness level 3 for a body weight from 80 kg – H3 or solid
  • fixed
  • Hardness level 5 for a body weight from 130 kg – H5 or as XXL mattress

Hardness level 5 is not available at many manufacturers. For many, H4 is the end with offered mattresses. It is also possible to use a topper for physical support on a suitable mattress.

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