Find The Right Mattress And Enjoy A Restful Sleep

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In terms of sleep comfort, people are nowadays a felicitous, since not a thousand years ago everyone could enjoy a relaxing sleep. And as otherwise, the non-privileged slept on straw, hay and animal fur! The sleeping culture of the people has happily changed over the course of time and now the good sleep is no longer a privilege!…

A lot can be said about healthy sleep. But one thing is certain: a good sleep is closely linked to the comfortable and high-quality mattress. This is also the reason why today we are giving our attention to the mattress and different mattress types. Do you know where the word mattress comes from? It comes from Arabic and means floor cushions, because formerly you used simple mats or carpets to sleep on the floor. The Crusaders brought the Arabic Matrah To Europe, and it was only in the 19th century that the mattresses also prevailed in Europe. Then, in 1888, the first spring-core mattress was invented, which consisted of intertwined iron wires and was clamped in an iron frame.

Choose a mattress for the best sleep comfort

The sleeping climate is something quite personal. The individual needs are decisive in the selection of bed, mattress and bed linen. Our sleeping pad helps to ensure the highest possible sleep comfort. The wide variety of models and materials makes the selection of the right mattress somewhat more complicated. In the numerous online shops you will find a wide assortment of mattresses and knowledgeable information on the subject. For example BeLaMa explains the differences Between the individual mattress types.

Let’s go to the main point: The core type plays a huge role in the selection of a mattress. Filling and construction are both aspects, which should be taken care of in case of purchase.

What types of mattresses are there?

The mattresses show differences in their core type, construction and materials used.

The mattress core is an important element of the structure of each mattress. The storage of the body while lying down is dependent on the mattress core. In doing so, he / she has to provide a better feeling for sleeping as much as possible and to adapt to the reference. Depending on their core type, a wide range of mattresses can be distinguished:

  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Bonnellfederkernmatratze
  • Spring mattress
  • Pocket sprung mattress
  • natural mattress
  • Visco mattress
  • Comfort foam mattress
  • Cold foam mattress
  • Tempur mattress
  • gel mattress

Each of these mattresses has its advantages and therefore has its followers.

What are the main features of the mattress?

The range of mattresses is really multifaceted, but everyone knows best for themselves, which criteria a mattress should correspond. However, there are two main criteria that need to be taken into account:

  • The mattress is to adjust the body to the maximum
  • At the same time, she is to support him reliably

point elasticity Counts as an important criterion for sleep comfort: the mattress has to adjust exactly to the body lying on. It is also particularly important that the spine remains in its natural form. Also, side mattresses should provide mattresses best couch comfort, so that hip and shoulders sink deeper.

Mattress find for a good sleep

Mattress height, hardness and zoning are other factors for your good sleep.

  • Respiratory activity : As it is known to everyone, it often happens that one sweats in his sleep. A breathable mattress model, on the other hand, ensures better hygiene and at the same time ensures a longer life of the mattress. It is therefore important that the mattress interior remains dry.
  • Zoning of the mattress : High-quality mattresses are divided into a few lying zones. They vary from three to seven. Their strength makes them different. Shoulders and pelvic area, for example, have a greater weight than head and legs and require different strength.
  • The degree of hardness : Mattresses are also differentiated according to the degree of hardness. Here body weight plays an important role. Depending on the different mattresses for different people.

Which type of sleep are they

The Lattenrost

Our comfort is not only dependent on the mattress, but also the correct slatted floor. The matching slatted frame should provide an ideal support surface. This also has a very important role for air supply into the mattress. Of course, air circulation in the room also plays a role.

Improve your sleep by providing an ergonomically optimal lying position! Make a well thought-out decision for your mattress, because the nice sleeping climate is simply a must…

Mattresses that best meet your personal needs

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