Pocket Spring Mattress – The Small Guide For Your Purchase Decision

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

If we spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, then we should do it right. That’s the only way body and soul can regenerate every night and give us a bright start to the day. For this we all need a quiet and comfortable sleeping oasis, which can offer us the perfect sleeping comfort. Of course, the focus here is the bed, more precisely the mattress. And finding the right one is not an easy task these days, considering the huge selection of mattresses.

Should I buy better a cold foam, a latex, a viscous or rather a pocket spring mattress? The decision depends mostly on many individual factors, such as sleeping and lying habits, body weight and physique, as well as allergies and personal preferences. The next lines are mainly about one of the most popular mattresses ever, the pocket spring mattress. Stay with us and learn more about the perfect structure, key features and numerous benefits of this mattress.

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What is a pocket spring mattress?

The pocket spring mattress has been proven lägst and is currently experiencing a real hype. As a proud representative of the family of spring mattresses, it is preferred by most customers and always happy to buy. It’s no wonder, because these mattresses offer the best ergonomic comfort and optimal bed climate. Why is a pocket spring mattress called and how is it constructed?

In fact, pocket spring mattresses are made of many stainless steel springs, which are individually sewn into cotton fabric bags. Through these pockets, the springs are only directly connected with other springs, which ensures good point elasticity and body adaptation.

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What should you look for when buying?

To be on the safe side, one should pay attention to a few key features that speak for high quality when choosing a pocket spring mattress. Above all, the number of springs.

  • Feather number of a pocket spring mattress

In principle, the more the springs, the more noble and comfortable the mattress. High-quality mattresses usually have from 1000 to 2000 steel springs, which provides better point elasticity. And the high point elasticity actually means a better recording of the body contour while lying down. The number of spring coils also plays a fairly important role. This should already be at 6-7 turns to provide sufficient flexibility.

  • Compressive hardness of the springs and hardness

The compression hardness of the springs is no less important for a pleasant feeling of lying. In the pocket spring mattress, the compression hardness value gives a better idea of ​​the resilience of the spring cores. So, the higher this number, the better. This means that people with a higher body weight should get a mattress with a higher compression hardness value.

However, the compression hardness value should not be confused with the degree of hardness of a mattress. Hardness levels are from 1 to 5 and these are denoted before by the letter H or F. One means – very soft and 5 – very hard, whereby the correct determination of the appropriate degree of hardness always depends on your own body weight and size.

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  • Liegezonen for more comfort

For a better support of the body in a pocket spring mattress also speaks the number of lying areas. The lying areas vary between 3, 5, 7 and 9. The more lying zones your mattress has, the higher is your lying quality. The correct positioning of the body on the intended lying areas ensures optimum ergonomic positioning of the spine and thus a restful sleep without back pain and muscle cramps.

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  • High-quality materials

Pocket sprung mattresses, thanks to their design, generally ensure good air circulation and optimal moisture transport. Nonetheless, high quality, sustainable mattress making materials are a must, especially if you are looking for the perfect sleeping comfort. Natural fabrics such as pure cotton, pure new wool, silk, cashmere and linen as well as bamboo and camel hair are at the top of the list.

For even better environmental conscience, other high-quality, pollution-free materials such as the Talalay latex, for example, contribute. This climate-neutral product, which is obtained from the tropical rubber tree, is not only harmless to health, but also quite durable, breathable and highly elastic – perfect for the texture of a mattress.

High quality, well proven manufacturers, like the Bettenmanufaktur SCHRAMM For example, you can rely on this sustainable, innovative fabric to make your own Handmade in Germany To make sleeping products. Since 1923, the family-owned company has been able to offer first-class bed comfort for the highest demands – tailor-made, exclusive and uncompromising. The focus is on the SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses with their thermally refined springs. The patented shoulder attachment and the automatic head part adjustment SHIFT are further pluses that speak for sustainable innovation and maximum perfection.

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The main advantages of a spring mattress

  • High point elasticity and body adaptation (depending on the amount and strength of the springs in the pockets)
  • optimal, ergonomic positioning of the spine through different lying areas
  • barely noises during movements – quiet, noiseless sleep
  • high stability – the sewn-in fabric pockets optimally support the body and prevent its sinking
  • optimal air circulation – especially for people who sweat a lot (no waterlogging – no mold!)
  • Ideal for all body positions and every weight
  • a good value for money


Carpe Noctem in your own bed!

Lie on the safe side and find your perfect pocket spring mattress. This scores with a lot of advantages that can significantly increase your sleeping comfort. Let yourself be advised by experienced professionals and benefit from tradition and craftsmanship. The indispensable test lying is of course always a must when buying a mattress.

Good night and a healthy, restful sleep wishes you the Freshideen-Redaktion!

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