The Boxspring Beds Guidebook: Structure, Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Bedding System

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Optimal sleep comfort, royal appearance at a reasonable price? Yes, this is possible: with high-quality box-spring beds! Although this type of bed has been incorporated into our German bedroom for a relatively short period of time, it has been particularly popular in the USA and the Scandinavian countries for more than a century. Not for nothing is a boxspring bed also called American bed or continental bed. But what is one at all Boxspring bed From? What is it made of? Should one choose quietly for such a bed and why? All these questions are examined below…

How are boxspring beds actually built?

In principle, the main difference between a box spring bed and a conventional, normal bed is that the first lath grate is missing. Boxspring beds have a completely different structure. They are built in three layers. At the bottom is the so-called box spring with the appropriate suspension. This is where the actual mattress, also called upper mattress, is located. And the top layer is usually the topper mattress or short topper. This is more characteristic of the Scandinavian boxspring bed variant. Why do you need three layers at all? And what should you consider when buying boxspring beds?

Boxspring bed ergonomic mattress

The boxspring: the undercarriage of the boxspring bed

In the best case, the box spring is made of solid wood and the actual suspension consists of boned springs or tufted springs. Both springs have a fairly good punctuality and provide for an optimal lying comfort. At the very least, tympanum springs are particularly recommended for more weighty people or for those who change their sleeping position frequently. In addition, the air circulation and the temperature compensation in this kind of suspension are much better and thereby a pleasant and healthy sleeping climate in the bed is created. When buying your boxspring bed, you should always try to separate the chaff from the wheat and actually get a bed with box spring suspension. Because there are unfortunately sometimes on the Mark also such Scheinboxspringbetten, which are only built in such an optics.

The boxspring bed mattress

Just as with most conventional mattresses, the actual mattresses are made of spring core. These are also called pocket spring mattresses. It is advisable to choose a spring suspension from the tweezers. This has the above-mentioned advantages and is additionally more durable in comparison with other springs. Of course, the number of metal springs is of paramount importance for a box-spring mattress. The higher this is, the better. In the middle price segment is a feather number of about 450 absolutely in order and for the very high-quality mattresses one should already count with about 1000 and more Tonnentaschenpredern. The spring core is additionally covered with polyether or cold foam. Boxspring mattresses with cold foam cover, which also have a 7-zone pocket spring core, are among the best and comfortable in this area.

Velda boxspring bed versus model gray color

The topper

At the top is the topper mattress. Normally this is about eight to ten centimeters thick and consists of cold or viscose foam. Some manufacturers also like to rely on high-quality latex. The topper should be adjusted exactly to the upper mattress so that it can lead to an even better lying comfort. This third boxspring bed mattress has some advantages. It saves the spring core mattress, improves the sleeping climate, and conceals the unpleasant visitor stenosis which arises between two individual mattresses in the double bed.

Extra tip:

An important feature of genuine original box spring beds of good quality are the feet. These should be absolutely there to ensure optimal ventilation of the bed. Here is the rule of thumb: A boxspring bed without feet is not a real boxspring bed!

Advantages and disadvantages of the boxspring bed

What else should you have When choosing the right boxspring bed concerns? What speaks for and against a purchase? Let’s get closer together!


  • The special entrance height of 60-70 cm (perfect also for seniors and people with back problems)
  • The pump effect with the spring core mattress (this is caused by the body movements of the lying persons and ensures a regular air exchange)
  • Good heat regulation (creates a cozy warm climate)
  • The solid appearance (royal opulent look in the bedroom)


  • The size of the bed makes it bulky and difficult to handle during transport
  • On some models the mattresses are more complicated to exchange
  • The mattresses should be turned around more often than with conventional beds, because they lie too close together

Luxury boxspring bed white high pile carpet in the bedroom


Boxspring beds are among the trendiest and most popular sleeping systems worldwide and are definitely recommendable. In doing so, you should pay attention to some aspects while you buy and in any case take enough time for it. Probing is a matter of course, as is the case with all other beds, as well as extensive expert advice.

Immerse yourself in the diverse world of the upscale Schlafluxus, for example with the Boxspring beds of beds Anthon . And find out individually which boxspring bed is the perfect for you!

Velda metropolitan boxspring bed for optimal sleeping comfort

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