The Latex Mattress – Why Choose It?

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Latex mattress dormando healthy sleep

Latex mattress – Useful and practical tips

Nowadays you can find a multifaceted variety of mattresses on the market. There you are sometimes right before the agony of choice. We would like to make it a bit easier for you and have prepared a few practical tips today. This is about one of our favorite mattress styles – the latex mattress.

Why choose this mattress? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a latex mattress?

What is actually Latex?

The latex mattress core is normally made of natural or synthetic rubber. Often, the mixing of polymers of the natural and synthetic kind is also common. The ratio is as follows: – 40% natural rubber to 60% latex of petroleum. It would be important to mention that a natural latex mattress may only be sold as such when it is 100% natural rubber.

Dormiente Natural Basic 4

Latex mattress dormiente natural basic 4 dormando

The rubber is quite adaptable as a material. Thanks to this ability, latex mattresses are ergonomic and suitable for almost every slatted frame. Latex also secures a perfect punctuality. This means that when sleeping, the most important body parts – spine, shoulders, buttocks – are spared. In this way, the main prerequisite for a healthy, Restful sleep Secured, as well as for stomach bells as well as for side batters.

A further, no less important feature of the latex mattress is that it is very suitable for allergy sufferers and generally for sensitive people. Latex is naturally antibacterial and therefore highly hygienic. The latex mattresses are therefore very easy to clean.

Worker Hanseatic Talalay latex

Latex mattress dormando master hanseatic talalay latex

The production

The latex material is basically poured into a special mold and heated. This process is called vulcanization. Through this production process innumerable small air bubbles are enclosed in the latex material. This ensures perfect air circulation in the latex mattress.

When using latex mattresses, use such covers that have a high absorbency and are soft to the touch. Wool materials and TENCEL® products are highly recommended.

Dunlopillo Natura 1600 Plus

Latex mattress dunlopillo natura 1600 plus dormando

Advantages of the latex mattress

  • Antibacterial effect, mitesafe – perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Adaptable material – also suitable for functional slats
  • Gentle on the back – high punk elasticity and ergonomics
  • Optimal air circulation – the separated sweat is released to the air during the day
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust and durable – with appropriate care

Disadvantages of the latex mattress

  • Higher weight compared to foam mattresses
  • Due to vulcanization, the mattress may temporarily have an odor

We hope you have enough useful information regarding latex mattresses. Take them into consideration when you buy your next mattress, and make sure you have the most comfortable sleep and restful sleep all night long. Experienced mattress experts, such as these Will always give you good advice. Look for if you want.

Have fun choosing your perfect latex mattress and beautiful dreams!

Sembella Premium Biotherm

Latex mattress sembella premium biotherm dormando

Wissflex sf10 latex neck support pillow

Latex mattress dormando swissflex sf10 latex neck support pillow

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