Fingerfood For Children’s Birthday: 33 Simple Ideas To Imitate

Yes, children love sweet. There is no doubt about that at all. At a childbirth day, of course, sweets can never be missed. In addition to the birthday cake you should get enough little things or prepare yourself. Apart from sweet temptations, the little ones are also happy about hearty things. It is best to use a delicious fingerfood for children’s birthday, arranged on a buffet in the children’s or living room or even better outside in the garden.

When it comes to food and drink, especially for the little ones, one should think primarily about their health. Balanced diet, which is as organic as possible, should therefore be preferred. Today, we have 33 original and healthy fingerfood ideas, which you can easily implement for children’s birthday or a mottoparty. Sweet and hearty ingredients can be prepared with fresh ingredients in no time and provide the little healthy energy. At the same time the treats look funny and taste delicious.

Make delicious fingerfood for children’s birthday

Kids birthday party gifts

Make the fingerfood buffet by yourself

It is not so difficult to create a buffet with a delicious fingerfood for children’s birthday. Moreover, this decision can be adapted to any childrens party at all, since children can relax in the garden or in the house and eat something sweet or hearty without having to sit at the table.

The summer is therefore perfect for this. During this time of the year fresh vegetables and fruits are everywhere and the weather often plays along.

One of the best varieties of fingerfood for the children’s party are clearly the sandwiches. These tasty bites are relatively quick and easy to prepare and are the perfect opportunity to give your imagination free rein. Only a few ingredients are often enough to create cute animals or other characters. A few blueberries as eyes, a few pieces of strawberries as mouth or ears, banana slices for the body and the feet… everything is possible.

Very popular and popular as an idea for the children’s birthday buffet are, for example, ladybugs from cherry tomatoes and olives or the mushrooms from boiled eggs and tomatoes. The decorations above can easily be conjured with mayonnaise or tiny bits of olives.

Salty biscuits or crackers serve as a perfect support for the ladybirds

Fingerfood snack ideas childbirth day ladybug from tomatoes and olives

And how about these cute, healthy mice of strawberries? A little white chocolate for the ears and grated beetroots for the tails – finished!

Fingerfood for children’s birthday – playful and creative

Strawberries mice from strawberries fingerfood ideas

From orange and apple slices, grapes, cucumbers and celery, very fast caterpillars and snails. Being original and creative makes even more fun. Fresh cheeses and vegetable spreads from the health food store can help to stick together the ingredients and give the finger food even more flavor.

Create funny snails and caterpillars from fruits and vegetables

Fingerfood children's party ideas with fruit and vegetables

The fresh fruit can be perfectly arranged in the shape of different animals on a large plate. Simply wash the fruit thoroughly, peel it and cut into mundierecht pieces and lie down. For example, a beautiful peacock, like this one, is created.

Use the favorite fruits of your child and his friends

Peacock ideas fingerfood childbirth day

Many simple Fingerfood Party recipes For children can be found on the net. Take a look at our picture gallery and find the best for your little treasures.

Have fun and a good success!

Often the simplest ideas are the best!

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