Mini Pies – The Modern Solution For Birthdays And Other Occasions

Mini pies are a hot trend in the culinary arts. They are preferred on special occasions and make of the”small”such something really special! Find out why these desserts are so popular. We show you the most important advantages of mini pies and have some great ideas and tips for you! Furthermore, you can discover many pictures in our article!

Choose different colors for the different tartlets!

strawberries and cream mini pies

Small experiments with the mini pies

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for a special occasion? Or do you just want great experiments with sweets recipes? With a larger cake, the risk would be too big in a failed experiment. If you opt for small tartlets, then you can try out a few different recipes at the same time.

Maybe then you can choose together with friends and acquaintances the most suitable and delicious for the given occasion!

Offer Frozen Yoghurt in the form of mini-cake!

raspberries and cream - great idea

Bake with the children together

The first experiments in cooking and baking with children do not always end with the best results. Yes, admittedly that can often be a waste of ingredients. But with the mini pies you can always try it again. Then the risk is not too big. Also the effort is not. You can practice with your children again and again and you become masters much faster. Actually, you could also become much better at trying out several recipes.

Ideal for wedding, right?

Cactus mini pies for the wedding

gift idea

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and the handmade gift ideas are announced. The culinary works and especially the sweets we bring somehow with love and with the 14.02. always in association. What about having a cupcake for your partner? Mini pies are ideal gift ideas for many more occasions as well.

Great cupcake idea for a special children’s birthday!

purple and white mini pies white butterfly

Many different claims

Nowadays, preparing a festive menu is a much more complicated affair than ever before. There are vegans, alergic people, and people with a variety of illnesses who can not tolerate one or the other food. Sometimes it’s really hard to bake a cake that everyone can eat. But you could make small mini pies and arrange them on a shelf. So you have a consistent picture and finally, everyone can enjoy this culinary work.

Tartlets in soft pink are also ideal for weddings

mini miniature pale pink cake

For the narrow circle: Gourmet

Fine recipe ideas sometimes have to be enjoyed in a small appetizer. They are really for real connoisseurs. Show off style with a gourmet evening organized by you personally and prepare small tartlets for a somewhat complicated and unusual recipe. As I said, you can experiment at will!

There are many mini-cake ideas for fans of frozen yoghurt

mini pies frozen yoghurt ideas

Decorate in a variety of ways and still achieve a great effect!

mini pies with several tasty layers

Mini pies in different shades of pink look particularly romantic

Ombre Mini Cakes

With the tartlets you have the chance to try different recipes

pink cream and chocolate mini pies

Red and white is a wonderful classic combination, which makes the tartlets look particularly exalted

red and strawberries awesome

With mini pies in black and white you combine high class and real taste

black white cake mini pies

Delicious temptation of the classic kind!

black chocolate and strawberry mini pies

Homemade pies work”small”much easier!

seductive mini pies great idea

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