10 Benefits: Vitamin D Is In Many Ways Healthy And Beautiful

Editor   September 8, 2016   Comments Off on 10 Benefits: Vitamin D Is In Many Ways Healthy And Beautiful

Not without reason vitamin called D Sun vitamin: the Sun on our skin, makes the valuable nutrients our body. Without him we would look very nice old – in the truest sense! Vitamin D is vital, it protects our health. And our beauty. We cover most of the vitamin D needs through Sun refuelling. The light flow is left out, some foods help and Not from dietary supplements. If we pay always on a good filled vitamin D store, we benefit from these ten benefits:

vitamin d makes numerous wise healthy and already

1. stable bone

The most important function meets vitamin D for our bones: without the nutrient, the bones lose their strength. As a result, bone diseases occur Osteomalacia as the softening of the bones, increases the risk of osteoporosis. Children also need vitamin D for its growth: the vitamin is missing causing rickets. The bones become soft and deformed slightly.

2. strong defenses

The immune system makes it clear that vitamin D is used as a basis for health: it mobilizes killer cells, which attack pathogens or already infected cells and extinguish in the best case. Thus for example, vitamin D prevents colds and flu.

3. cancer

Several studies provide evidence that vitamin D in cancer prevention and control is useful: while vitamin D deficiency is to favour the emergence of dangerous tumors, an adequate supply of vitamin D may stop the growth of cancer cells.

4. anti-inflammatory

Also allergy-free benefit of the Sun vitamin: it can stop inflammatory reactions that occur in particular in asthma, various allergies and auto-immune diseases such as psoriasis.

5. flawless skin

Speaking of psoriasis: the unpleasant skin lesions should also find relief by vitamin D. Direct sunlight as well as creams, and nutritional supplements with vitamin D can improve the symptoms of skin disease, about the itchy dandruff.

6 tanned complexion

In healthy people, vitamin D does its part for the skin – after all we love suntanned complexion. Sunbathing is even essential to renew the body’s vitamin-D. For this you may omit even the Sun. But be careful: too much sun endangers the health, because it can lead to skin cancer. Therefore, the skin’s own protection time observe and enjoy the Sun emits.

7 full head of hair

Many men and women dream of full hair. But instead of incremental revenues to run, they should brush up on prefer their vitamin D stock: the nutrient is located in healthy hair follicles, which are responsible for the growth.

8 healthy blood pressure

Our hearts also benefits of vitamin D: it can lower blood pressure and improve heart function. If the nutrient is missing, specific signal pathways turn on, leading to vascular stiffness and elevated blood pressure. A healthy levels of vitamin D in the body is to reduce even the mortality rate as a result of a heart attack according to a Danish study.

9 useful in diabetes

Diabetics also have the power of the Sun vitamin track: diabetes type 2, a high vitamin D levels in the blood stimulates the insulin production and ensures that the cells better take up the important hormone.

10 extra luck

Last but not least: Vitamin D makes us happy. Taking a sun bath, our body produces endorphins – this happiness hormones ensure that we feel completely satisfied. Therefore, the Sun vitamin plays a large role in the treatment of depression. Who is lucky on his (Sun) side, remains long healthy and beautiful!

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