10 Foods For Healthy Skin In Summer

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What really needs a healthy skin?

Just as difficult as in the winter is to have beautiful skin and hair in the summer. They must buy the right skin care products or search for natural replacement means for them. You should also wash your hair properly and protect them from the Sun by blankets and hats.

This is all important, but it does not help you, if you incorrectly feed itself. Here are some foods which make shine skin and hair health together with the remaining care.

Black chocolate

The chocolate has a contradictory image, what is their effect on the skin. All sugar-rich varieties are harmful. The real black chocolate is real healthy for the skin and beneficial for your health.

Healthy skin loves real chocolate

healthy skin food black chocolate healthy antioxidantien

Olive oil

Use mainly olive oil in summer salads, because are on the right track to beautiful skin. Did you know that you can use this as a sunscreen? Used as a hair mask, olive oil can have a beneficial effect.

Give olives more often to your salads

healthy skin food olive oil healthy nutrition


The tomatoes have lots of vitamin C and A. They contain antioxidants. If you regularly eat this vegetable, you can significantly improve the appearance of your skin and appearance of your hair.

Watch for organic products!

healthy skin food eat healthy tomato

Oat flakes

If you only occasionally eat oatmeal for breakfast, you include rather a bit more this in your menu. They promote digestion, provide you with many vitamins and minerals. You can see it soon on your face.

Experiment with newer and newer ingredients!

skin food healthy healthy eating oatmeal Blueberry sultanas


Certain species of fish, especially salmon and sardines, provide you with the necessary amino acids. Without these, you can count with beautiful skin and shiny hair.

Salmon is simply a classic

healthy skin food fish seafood salmon nutrition

Green tea

The tea is just as healthy as in the winter in the summer. He hydrated the skin and thereby he rid the body of harmful toxins.

The Japanese Matcha tea suited to do this also

healthy green tea skin food healthy antioxidantien


Kale, in a salad or cooked, is an another food with strong impact against the toxins. If you want to enjoy fresh and reinforce its healthy effect, then choose the combination with quinoa. Kale can mate well with red beans.

Try it also with combinations of nuts and cheeses

healthy skin food healthy salad Kale of feta Walnut


Walnuts are a good summer alternative for vegans, who do not eat fish and seafood. They contain a large amount of Omega 3 acids. The healthy fat protects the skin, so that she dry out not too early.

Walnuts in addition promote the memory and increase the concentration

healthy skin food healthy walnuts

Orange peel

There are delicious recipes with orange peel – salads, dishes, cakes. Enjoy more of those in the summer. You have lots of ingredients, which tighten up your skin and look healthier.

An orange is like a microcosm of vitamins and trace elements

healthy skin food orange peel cake salad prepared

Organic beef

In addition to poultry and fish, you can eat beef in the summer. However, you should be uncompromising with its quality. The pollutants, hormones, and accessories that flock there in the flesh, are even more harmful than before with the heat.

Eat beef in small quantities and opt for organic products

healthy skin food red meat beef steak grilled vegetables

Very soon you will feel the soothing difference

healthy skin healthy food eat facial

An Apple a day even more beautiful skin

healthy skin food Apple red lipstick red dress blonde hair

Fresh salads you can see just you

healthy skin food fresh salads healthy food

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