8 Important Acupressure Points: The Beginners Guide

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Acupressure – learn about the ancient Chinese medicine

Acupressure is one of the most applied healing methods of Chinese medicine. It has a more than two thousand years long history. The fact that it is still used, is one of the biggest evidence for their effectiveness.  The system is a kind of activation of self-healing of the body. By pressing certain points, blocks, which prevent the free flow of energy, can be lifted. To heal different pain and diseases.

The other positive effects include the relaxation of the muscles, as well as the current assistance in acute pain.

Discover the secrets of acupressure!

acupressure points massage healthy effect Chinese medicine

Here are some important rules for the application of acupressure.

The various points have to be massaged with heavy pressure and solid movements. During the acupressure, you should be preferably with your eyes closed and very relaxed.

Acupressure is recommended especially for headaches very

points acupressure massage kopfschmeren Chinese medicine relieve

Some typical acupressure points

The acupressure points are many. We want to name but some of the most important and most popular.

To San Li point

to san li acupressure point massage healthy effect Chinese medicine

This point is about four fingers below the knee on the outer side of the leg. He is to massage for depression and other emotional fluctuations.

Hey Gu point

acupressure point massage healthy effect Chinese medicine

This point is then treated if patients are generally stressed, have head aches and pains in the neck and facial muscles. This massage is not recommended in pregnant women.

Feng-Chi point

acupressure point feng chi massage

This is above all massaged to heal pain. Additionally enable the energy in the body and you overcome so as not rare migraine, persistent fatigue, the symptoms of a cold.

Jian Jing point

acupressure jiang jing point massage

This point is located in the shoulder muscles. This massage for headaches, relieve stress and pain in the neck and face. There is great caution while massaging this point in pregnant women.

Tai Chong point

acupressure tai balasundar point massage healthy Chinese medicine

Massage this point, you have to take off your shoes. So they promote the energy in your body so that the tension in the lower area of the back picks up.  Also check that the bad mood and high blood pressure.

NEI-Guan point

acupressure points important Chinese medicine to healthy effect

This point is then massaged into the acupressure when patients have symptoms such as feeling of jubilation, nervousness, sea sickness and headaches. It can help even with heart palpitations.

Zhong Zhu point

This place is located on the hand between the ring and little finger. So relax the upper part of the back and so pain can be alleviated.

San Jiao Yin point

acupressure point massage healthy Chinese medicine

Massage of this point is used for overcoming the symptoms of many neurological diseases, as well as seasickness and constant fatigue. But he is avoiding pregnancy.

Practical tips

Perform acupressure at home, is not risky, but it can lead to dissatisfied exhibitors results.  Professional preparation makes a big difference. You should take several references as basic knowledge, which makes it easier to understand and thus more effective treatment by a specialist.

And some other acupressure points with a positive effect for the body and soul:acupressure points healthy effect of Chinese medicine

acupressure points healthy massage Chinese medicine

acupressure massage cpoints healthy Chinese medicine

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