9 Detox Spa Ideas For More Energy And Lightness In The Summer

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Plan your own Detox foot spa with the following great Detox juices

Detox juices are a modern way to come back in the best form. To hydrate your body and get rid of the harmful toxins at the same time.

Here are some super tasty combinations, which you should try out this summer.

Ginger water

Do you know that more and more people believe that ginger may combat cancer? There is no scientific evidence. One can however prove the experience: with security to promote the immune system and heal your body. Mix in the cool waters some ginger powder and make a great summer drink it!

Detox foot spa with cucumber, grapefruit and lemon

detox detoxification cure summer citrus fruit water ginger lemon graipfruit

Lemon ginger water

This is an improved formula of the same drink. You should again mix ginger powder and squeeze half of a lemon per half a litre.

Water with strawberry taste

The strawberries are full of antioxidants.

With these, you can prepare a wonderful drink. 3-4 strawberries should be completely enough for half a litre. Take to a slice of lemon and ground Basil. You will have a delicious and aromatic taste.

Prepare delicious Strawberry water

detox detoxification cure summer drink Strawberries water

Cucumber water

Cut some slices cucumber and insert them for 20-30 minutes in half a liter of water. This is your drink in the morning. So, get rid of toxins and have a lot of energy throughout the day.

Make sure to select fruits and vegetables from organic farming

detox detoxification cure summer drink orange Blueberry Mint Cucumber Lemon

Orange water

You can prepare also an orange drink on the same principle as the cucumber water. This tastes very refreshing and supplied with lots of vitamin C.

Apple water for the heart

Would you like to improve your heart activity? Cut some slices of Apple and insert it into the water again. So this important organ works much better and detoxify your entire body at the same time.

Apple water is not only delicious and refreshing, but very healthy

detox water cure summer Mint lemon Apple

Mint water

Freshen your breath and get rid of toxins, by you prepare mint water. 3-4 leaves should be enough per half a litre.

Cranberry water

Well, you like the cranberry juice? If you prefer a lighter formula, then you prepare a drink of water with a small amount of these fruits. This is a great summer beverage you can drink throughout the day for detoxification. Prepare it at least half-an-hour before the consumer!

Also pomegranate is very rich in antioxidants

detox kur pomegranates summer lemon lime Basil Mint

Water with water melon

Water melons are tasty and you detoxify the body perfectly. If you feel just so much flesh, but the refreshing taste, then you can prepare water. Cut a few slices of watermelon and leave them for half an hour in the water.

Soon also the watermelon season begins

detox cure summer Detox drinks prepare Mint

First try out the original fruit recipes! If you want, you can try your own ideas. While nothing can certainly go wrong! You can prepare water drinks with almost all fruits, to benefit from better as your soothing properties.

Combine grapefruit with fresh mint leaves

detox detoxification cure summer drink grapefruit Mint

Summer drinks with strong detoxifying effect

detox detoxification cure summer cleansing cucumber water lemon Strawberry Mint

Try it with Green apples, cucumber and Mint!

detox detoxification cure summer drinks healthy Green Apple cucumbers fresh mint

The perfect thirst-quencher for your healthy garden party

detox detoxification cure summer drinks water fruits cucumbers Grandad

Lime is suitable for your Detox Spa perfect

detox detoxification cure summer recipe water purifying juice lemon lime

Experiment at your whim

detox detoxification water cure summer drinks detoxification mason jars kiwi lime pomegranate

Citrus fruits are some of the most powerful antioxidants ever

detox detoxification cure summer water orange cucumber sufferers Mint

Basil gives the drinks a fresh note and has strong antibacterial properties

detox kur amniotic fluid summer Basil Strawberry lemon

Blackberries contain very much vitamin K and healthy trace elements

detox drink Spa summer strawberries blackberries kiwi Orange

Invite your friends to a healthy summer party!

detox detoxification cure summer brunch water fruit fruits lemon cucumber watermelon strawberries Grandad

Enrich your Strawberry water with Mint or thyme!

detox drink kur summer Strawberry fresh mint

Chia seeds, you can combine with lime

detox cure summer drink lime chia seed water

Watermelons maximum detoxify the body

detox drink Spa summer water watermelon healthy

Fresh, fresh… Mint!

detox kur water lemon cucumbers fresh mint

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