Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Fish Diet

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Advantages and disadvantages of the fish diet

Like to eat fish? You certainly know that this preference can constitute the basis for a healthy weight loss. Fish makes it possible that you enjoy the variety of food, eat a few calories and feel at all no cravings or lack of important materials.

Healthy weight loss with fish dishes

diat gemuse salad healthy food fish

It’s already very healthy if you just replace red meat for a while as a result. So greatly reduce the calories in your menu and eat instead of the saturated unsaturated acids. Already, this change in diet can be described as a kind of fish diet and it certainly leads to weight loss.

Different species of fish and healthy combinations with these

fish diet healthy slimming healthy food

The biggest advantage of the fish diet is mainly that it gives room for a very varied menu. It is located on the varied species of fish, and also to the many recipes.

Fatty and lean fish for your diet

fish healthy food diet varieties

There are three typical species of fish we want to call on the fish diet. These are the mackerel, salmon and tuna. Together, they have virtually all healthy ingredients, which you need.

Fish and milk products

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The mackerel represents the type of fish, which provides you with a large amount of essential fatty acids. It has a high percentage of protein, gives you lots of energy and is fed up. Their preparation is easy, because the mackerel contains a lot of fat, but required little spices. Recipes on the grill or in the oven are suitable. Add lemon for more flavor.


Salmon is a typical low-fat type of fish which is healthy because of the many included vitamins. The drawback is the high price, but this fish has an intense flavor, so you need no large amount. These and other similar low-fat and delicate species are well suited to soups.

Salmon a typical low-fat and very healthy fish

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Tuna is a typical fish for salads. It has very high in protein and low in fat, so it can be eaten in larger quantities.

Tip: Make three lists

Make three lists, each having products with similar qualities as those of mackerel, salmon and the tuna. Include also the seafood. Choose enough recipes for the time of the diet plan.

Duration of a fish diet

The fish diet must take no less than three and not more than a week. The longer, the more efforts should focus on the fatty fish.

Fish dishes are very healthy also for pregnant women

fish diat pregnancy healthy food salad

When a fish diet must be of course on the amount of servings and on possible combinations of fish with other food. Your servings throughout the day in four to six meals should best be distributed. Combine vegetables and high in protein. You may not more than 600 g eat low-fat and 400 fatty fish per day.

About you may combine a quarter of the food with potatoes or whole grain rice. Avoid bread, pasta, and sugary fruits. Again better, the snacks should consist of vegetables and protein.

In General, you should reduce your usual number of calories by approximately 40%.

Portions and combinations on a fish diet

fish diet seafood prepare healthy nutrition

Fish is prepared in many cultures, and most recipes are healthy, except when they are fried. Seeking a change of pace and cook also exotic to apply more spices. Fish dishes have too many positive properties and this is a good opportunity to try out more of it in practice.

Be sure in the case of a sensitive stomach that you don’t unnecessarily irritate these by sharp fish dishes. If you have these symptoms, then you use ingredients, whose effect you already know.

Water: Drink water, because in all fish dishes naturally contains much salt. In addition, this enhances the effect.

Experiment with the cooking, but never FRY!

fish diet healthy food salmon fillet

Fish is a healthy product, in fact, however, the intensive effect of its ingredients could produce unhealthy side effects for some people. That’s why we offer an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of intensive diet with fish.

Advantages of the fish diet

When a fish diet increase clearly your chances of losing weight. The fish menu, there are a few calories and at the same time so many healthy minerals, essential fatty acids and other micro-elements that promote your health and vitality.

The regular eating of the fish cleans your body of toxins, makes beautiful hair and skin.

Fish makes it tired, so you would feel not hungry.

Everything sounds certainly easy for fish lovers!

fish diet healthy food salmon salad

Seafood also belong to the diet

diat meeresfruchte salad healthy food fish

Disadvantages of the fish diet:

If you don’t like fish, so a diet will be of pure cruelty. Such menu is quite expensive. Kidney problems can immerse themselves in increased fish consumption and you should test whether you have perhaps not an allergy to seafood. This can show up only in some people with a stronger consumption.

Avoid seafood if you have kidney problems

fish Mediterranean kitchen healthy food diet

Check-list of the most important tips:

In the fish diet, you should adhere so strictly following rules:

Eat only low-fat fish.
Eligible only in the following ways: cooking, baking and on steam;
Use as little salt as possible.
Instead, use more lemon: it unfolds the delicious aroma of the equity and the natural flavor of the seafood.
Combine different kinds of fish in your menu.
Mate primarily with vegetables and proteins (but no meat!),
Reduce the calories by 40%;
Up to a quarter of the meals can be accompanied by rice or vegetables.
The diet must not be more than repeated once a month.

You should make sure diet at a fish

fish diet healthy ernahrung fish


If you follow these rules during the creation of the diet plan all, you achieve many benefits for your health. You lose during the first days perhaps only between 2 to 3 kilos. At the same time but free themselves of many toxins. In addition, you have enough power for sport and exercise. Then, through the renunciation of sugar and bread, you are less hungry on these products.

Ultimately so adjust your body to a healthier diet plan and this may be the beginning of a long-lasting weight loss. You can repeat every five or six weeks to the fish diet, depending on whether it’s the shorter or longer version.

We wish you a good appetite and good achieve of your dream figure!

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