All Dream Of The Coming Asparagus Season, But Why For Asparagus Is So Popular?

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The long-awaited asparagus season is coming soon

The views of numerous researchers after you have grown first asparagus about 2500 years ago in Greece – his name is coined from the Greek and literally translated it means “Stalk”. The vegetables because of its many gesundheitsfördenden properties in the area of natural medicine has been applied first. You can explore various recipes for cooking asparagus in the oldest of the today’s world famous Cookbook – “de re coquinaria” (about the art of cooking), Caelius Apicius was written in the 3rd century by the Roman author and gourmet. The asparagus is regarded as a delicatessen that is popular with adults and children worldwide, he is characterized by a light and pleasant taste and can be simply compared to any other type of vegetable!

Asparagus time – only for foodies, please!

asparagus season recipes preparation

The asparagus has its origin in the Eastern Mediterranean, in France he was cultivated until 1400; some hundred years later the English and Germans began to plant the vegetables. The asparagus experienced its heyday and won important especially during the reign of Ludwig XIV.

-the sweet and sometimes savory asparagus taste deeply impressed the Sun King and therefore this vegetable was called from this moment still ‘Royal vegetable’. Nowadays, are fresh asparagus in the trade by the end of April until approximately June 25 and verschieneder delicious first class meals are served around the globe as a side dish.

Asparagus varieties that enchant the world for centuries

asparagus season vegetables varieties

Basically there are some 3,000 varieties of asparagus, are on the market but in most cases of only three of them to get – purple, white and green asparagus. The white color of the asparagus is due to its low Chrolophyllgehalt and is therefore that this vegetable under the ground is cultivated. The Netherlands is the leading country of the cultivation of white asparagus. The purple asparagus, or as French asparagus, is compared to the white and green quite small (only 5 to 8 cm high) and has a more fruity taste. The so-called green American or even British asparagus is most popular due to its reasonable price. Variety of asparagus-making facilities are available – the vegetables can fry up, Cook, grill or you could enjoy even the rough consumption of asparagus!

Asparagus time – the unique vegetables is good for your health

Saute asparagus time tasty food

Asparagus is quite rich in the vitamins K, A, C and folic acid, in addition he provides you with vitamins of the B group (B1, B2, B3 and B6), fibre, manganese, copper, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and protein! 180 gram asparagus contain 43.2 calories and 4.66 g protein!

Eat healthy and enjoy the unique flavor

eat asparagus time properly

Folic acid plays an important role for the health and proper function of the cardiovascular system – assuming that the daily consumption of about 400 mcg. This vitamin of the vitamin B complex reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A single serving of asparagus ensures you a day approximately 66% of the necessary dose of folic acid! Using asparagus also in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, moreover, the vegetable is used as skin protection agents – it prevents sun damage and skin debris and slows aging. Vitamin K provides the blood clotting and bone consolidation, all vitamins of the B group, regulate blood sugar and keep it at a normal level. The consumption of asparagus leads to a better and faster metabolism and reduces the risk of colon cancer. Also helps asparagus in the fight against the congenital disabilities – in the first months of pregnancy, women need to consume much asparagus: folic acid and B vitamins are essential for the proper separation of the cells in the human body and therefore also for DNA synthesis.

Asparagus time – by the end of April until the end of June, you can buy fresh asparagus on the market

asparagus season green asparagus

Asparagus time – white asparagus is more expensive than the Green, but also a greater nutritional value

asparagus time white asparagus

The purple asparagus is quite small when compared to the other varieties

asparagus time violet delicious side dish

You should thoroughly clean the asparagus asparagus time – before cooking

clean the asparagus season Cook eat

The asparagus soup is available in all restaurants during the asparagus season

Sping asparagus season asparagus soup

The hollandaise sauce with a dash of lemon juice goes hand in hand with the asparagus

sauce asparagus time eat

Asparagus time experimenting with the recipes and enjoy different dishes

Asparagus time consume delicious food

Asparagus can be perfectly combined with meat

yummy eat asparagus season

Asparagus time – fish and asparagus are also a unique combination

Asparagus season fish

Asparagus season – dishes with fish and asparagus are considered a first-class cuisine

Asparagus season of salmon

And of course the classics in the asparagus season – Wiener schnitzel with potatoes and asparagus

schnitzel asparagus season

You can bake asparagus in the oven with potatoes and Bacon

asparagus oven

serve …oder even in the form of a savoury muffin

bake asparagus season

Asparagus time – the asparagus salad is an appetizer that is popular with young and old

asparagus season salad

Yourself at home everyone can prepare spaghetti with asparagus

Asparagus season spaghetti

Asparagus time – in the preparation of asparagus depends on everything only by your personal taste

Asparagus pieces

Asparagus rolls take to work?

asparagus rolls

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