Aura Of Man – This Is Our Energy Body

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What actually is the aura of the people?

There’s a big scientific debate about whether there’s a human aura and in how far it plays a role on our fate and behaviour. And although it is pragmatically very hard to imagine, the belief seems to be more and more to enforce.

The aura as a kind of little cloud, which surrounds our body, is represented visually. Your look, your strength and color are an indication of the mental state, the well-being and the feelings of the person. You changes depending on how our mental state changes.

There is the aura and what scientific evidence is there for this?

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According to research, the aura of a healthy person is about 10-15 centimeters. If you seek to develop, mentally the aura will also grow.

The aura seems also to be related with age. Older people suck “up” the energy of the younger. Their energy practically give the other children.

According to research, the aura is approx. 10-15 cm

aura of the human aura chakras of human body see energy

The power of the invisible energy

aura of the human aura colours of the chakras see

Can the aura be seen?

According to researchers, only some of the people can see the aura of the other. Some people have this special ability from birth. This is very often associated with predictive properties.

Who can see the aura of a man?

aura of man see

What is the aura?

The aura has a rather complicated structure. It has seven different layers. These are the so-called chakras.    They have different functions and are responsible for different systems in the body, and the feelings of the people.

People work 2 or 3 chakras and opening of each neighbor helps that gets the person on an another level of intellectual development.

What has the aura with the chakra together?

aura of the human aura chakras see

How can we protect our aura?

For our health, it is very important that we keep our mental health. In the first place, we should protect us from the bad emotions and pay attention to our spiritual well-being. Also, we should protect ourselves against the negative influence of other persons.

Protect your aura from negative influence!

aura of man see aura

Can our aura injured when we interact with their negative influence

You must keep but maybe a mental distance of it not necessarily a physical. Not respond to attacks, envy, wrath, but consider this a strange response that has nothing to do with you. So, you will not accept these feelings in your aura and feel didn’t get hurt as a result.

Stay positive and you’ll have a healthy aura

aura of the human aura chakras energy centres see

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