Avocado Dishes: To Integrate The Super Food In Your Menu

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Interesting ideas, how to integrate the avocado in your menu

You already know the not very pushy and gentle taste of ripe avocado? You have already heard of the very healthy properties of avocado or read? This large amounts of valuable vitamins, minerals, oil and Omega-3 acids include.

Maybe you need but still has some ideas for how to integrate the avocado in your menu, so that it tastes good? We now devote ourselves to this topic. In advance, we want to tell you that is worth the trouble, because the avocado is suitable for all food, including salads, soups and meat dishes. Do you now a closer look at our practical tips?

Prepare delicious avocado dishes

superfoods avocado healthy dishes with avocado


Very many purees can be prepared with avocado. Combine the fruit with a type of vegetable you love to eat. The mashed avocado tastes good to most people.

Easy recipes with avocado – mashed avocado

avocado dishes prepare avocado dip mix

Avocado dip with sandwiches

The sandwiches with avocado dip taste very good, make full and are super healthy. Thanks to the neutral taste, they can be combined with many other products. Both the vegetarian and vegan, as also the variants with meat taste great!

Homemade avocado dip

avocado dishes prepare avocado dip

Avocado dip as a bread spread

avocado recipes spread sandwiches pchierte eggs

Rice, potatoes and chickpeas with avocado

The satellite maker, which we like to eat vegetables, can be easily eaten with avocado. So, they taste a lot better. They are soft and tasty. Have you already tried pasta with avocado? There’s also a range of delicious and healthy recipes.

Avocado Hommos

avocado dishes prepare homemade avocado Hommos


There is hardly a traditional salad, which you could add no avocado. If you want to make a real gift to your cardio vascular system, you combine green salad or spinach with avocado.

Add avocado slices to your spring salad

avocado dishes of homemade avocado salad spring vegetable

Delicious desserts

Did you know that you can prepare many great desserts with the delicious avocado? A small amount of the mature fruit makes the taste uniquely intense, so that you don’t need other calorie – and sugar-rich products.

Avocado also for dessert

avocado dishes healthy avocado green Superfood smoothies

After this info would you don’t try definitely something with avocado? We wish you good appetite and a lot of new energy and good health. We can promise almost you, if you often eat avocado.

Ice cream with avocado and nuts

avocado dishes and desserts avocado ice cream with Pistachio

Avocado pudding with vanilla and honey

avocado dishes prepare avocado desserts

Avocado cake with lemon

avocado recipes dessert cake with avocado healthy

Avocado pudding with chocolate and peanut butter

recipes with avocado dessert with avocado healthy lose weight

Green smoothies often contain pieces of avocado

avocado dishes prepared green smoothies with avocado

Banana avocado Smoothie

avocado dishes of homemade banana avocado Smoothie

The following pictures will definitely whet your appetite…

avocado dishes prepare avocado dip vegetables

Experiment and integrate the Superfood avocado in your daily menu!

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