Basic Knowledge Of The Spices And Spice Mixtures

Basic knowledge of the spices and spice mixtures

Modern man has no time, but lots of variety would like to experience and enjoy. This is true for all areas of life, and also for cooking. You would like to have delicious food, always eat something else, what is healthy, but also super tasty. But not always having time to try out new recipes. What could I do so that it saves time and brings at the same time always something tasty on the table? The spices and spice mixtures can make something very different from a dish. Chicken is an excellent example. This very tasty and healthy meat is eaten almost in all cultures around the world. But it tastes anywhere any different. This is mainly on the used spices and spice mixtures, which chicken is prepared.

Mix spices themselves

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We want to teach the principles of application of spices today, that’s why. So you can prepare with relatively little effort, new healthy food for every lunch and dinner. Spices also make special desserts. You can also add these to some kinds of breakfast.

Indian spices are known worldwide

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Health from nature

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Find the right degree

The main rule for the application of spices is to find the right measure. This differs, from person to person from culture to culture and from occasion to occasion. In our traditional cuisine are spices usually a subtle flavor enhancer. Oriental and Asian dishes are, however, much spicy. This is true for some other exotic dishes, such as for example for the Mexican cuisine. It is not by chance that calls itself the famous dish “Chili con Carne” (translated: Chili with meat) and not vice versa, as “Carne con Chili” (translated: meat with Chili).

Prepare Mexican spice mixture

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Spice blends for everyday use

Most spices have beneficial properties. At the same time, they are mostly not just harmless for the stomach if they are enjoyed in large amounts and too often. The famous spice mixtures are a danger for people who have problems with the stomach-intestinal system. They bring more problems if you eat them too often.

Spice mixtures of three components will do to your body

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For everyday, it would suffice if your spice blends consist of three elements. None of the spices can suppress the others taste, but they must complement well together.

You have gastro-intestinal problems, then you avoid eating prefer spicy food

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This works as follows: use the spice with intense taste, as a starting point. And the other two varieties of spice you choose so that you develop its flavor according to your preferences. In practice, you have doing very much travel. Depending on how and which additional varieties of spice you complement a main spice, its flavour can be gentle or more intense.

Go to relaxed with the green color

Before every meal, one to study something to find out what better combined with which. However, this is not always possible in practice. Sometimes you must make something quick easy and nevertheless to that the lunch or dinner is something special. In case of doubt you can mix a few green spices. Usually results in getting a good taste.

Healthy mix of green spices

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Combining of sweet spices

The combining of sweet spices is something for advanced cooks. It particularly depends on whether the main taste should be more subtle or more intense. In the first case, you should simply as little as possible from the add this spice. If you would like to emphasize, however, its main character, then combine it with black pepper. He has the ability to intensify the taste of sweet spices.

Special seasoning for pumpkin pie

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Preparation for the Christmas cookies

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Sweet spice mixture with cinnamon

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Combining hot spices

The rule of thumb here is that the amount of spices must be so much, that she suppressed not the taste of the other products. Exception to some exotic dishes where the spice is the main element of the Court. You remember our example with the Chili con Carne, which we have mentioned at the beginning?

Make sharp spice blend themselves

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Curry powder with chilli

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Hot pepper

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Bay leaves, marjoram, Lovage

These three combine very well with exotic spices. For this reason, it is good to have when you want to take several attempts with Oriental or South American cuisine at home.

There are surely many more complex spice mixtures. They contain several different elements and thus you can really impress guests. If you have any great experience, would rather begin with more modest experiments and combine up to three spices. With time, you develop a sense for the characteristics of each individual and the danger that you were doing something wrong when more complex spice mixtures, is getting smaller.

The secret ingredient of the savory dishes

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